Clash of Clans: Ongoing Winter 2022 Clan Games

Clan Games is continuing and I’ve managed to hit Tier I rewards and am honing in on Tier 2. Along with that, we have Raid Weekend, which I will probably do because of how I have more time right now with my vacation starting. Even though I’m feeling a little burnt out in general, I am pretty motivated to getting all this done as I’m close to completing a variety of projects, including having just started a new TH11 push.

What I like about this Clan Games is that all my accounts can participate almost equally. I think this one of the few times that I’ve been able to handle a good chunk of the challenges based on troop and spell availability. However, some of the things that do hurt are when I’ve got challenges that have Town Halls that are far below where I’m at or vice versa even. Because of the special Christmas season Tier system, there is a great temptation to have a pair of one off type of lower level accounts just to do the lower end challenges. The primary difference would be avoiding paying for the Season Gold Pass and keeping them at a lower level just for Clan Games. That said, that feels excessive and I would probably just be better off recruiting two more people.

At any rate, I’m actually more interested in the Clan XP I’m going to gain through this. I think it won’t be enough to push my Clan to the next level, but it should be decent. Level 3 doesn’t really give me much quite frankly since I don’t do Clan Wars that often and really have zero motivation to do any except for trying to get the Clan Level 4 perk with the 2 spells per donation limit upgrade. Now, that is the one perk I really would like as it’ll simplify the wait time for donations considerably.

With Raid Weekend, I haven’t started and might go for it tomorrow. But I did mention some projects that I’ve been working on through Clan Raid Weekends, which is obtaining tons of Raid Medals so that I can buy more Builder Elixir. Now, all my bases have BH6 or 7 so I’m pretty eager on pushing these as I have my eyes ultimately set on the 6th Builder. On my latest BH7s, I’ve been either building Army Camps or upgrading my storage units. Here, the storage units become critical because of the Rune of Builder Elixir coming up in the Tier V reward. I’ve already got a few so I would like to have enough storage space to start upgrading my Lab, Cannon Carts (which you want for the 6th Builder per the OTTO Hut requirement) and, of course, the Battle Machine. And since I’ve been hoarding Raid Medals, those have been coming in very handy lately.

So as I briefly discussed, I’ve started upgrading my main TH10 to TH11. Pretty much I was down to traps and Heroes with my Barbarian King at level 34 and me not having enough Dark Elixir to push him any further (unless I buy some via Raid Medals but that’s not important at the moment). At this juncture, it just made plenty of sense to upgrade as I don’t want to waste the Book of Building I’ve yet to collect. So this upgrade will take a little over 2 days. When everything is ready, I’ll easily be able to upgrade my Lab and Barracks, Electro Dragons and Lightning Spell while having a boosted level 5 Grand Warden for the next few days right out the gate. I probably will even get the Eagle Artillery. But this base is going to be in very good shape for TH11 since the bulk of my defenses are at a point where they can’t go much further without TH11. Then for the first few days, I’ll be able to play the incredibly strong and versatile Electro Dragons while working on my Army Camps, Clan Castle and Dark Barracks as I await upgrading Ice Golems, Witches and what have you.

Either way, it’s always exciting getting a brand new base level. Even the Builder Hall is going to be fun for the first week or so as I focus on getting my Cannon Carts up a little more and try to improve my Battle Machine. With this time off, things ought to allow me some ability to enjoy all of this.

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