Boom Beach: Why This Is Not A Popular Mobile Game

When I learned how easy it was to run multiple Clash of Clan accounts, I was determined to try this with Boom Beach. Despite how I found not only running multiple Clash of Clan accounts fun, I found it fairly expedient to catch up to a satisfying degree with my main accounts. You can pretty much get to TH11 within say 3-4 months if you combine rushing as well as spending for the Seasonal Gold Pass (and at least 1 Builder). On the other hand, I found Boom Beach to be much tougher as an entry level player where getting resources has been a challenge and facing a very bad matchmaking system in PVP settings. Because of that, I wanted to talk about the experience of trying to get a 3rd Boom Beach account started and why I won’t be doing anymore (unless drastic changes are made).

I think if you started Boom Beach years ago and had been dedicated, you would find the current changes in the game decent. The newest defense, the Critter Launcher, can really bolster a base around max level and the only things you need to worry about are upgrading the 4 Critter Launchers and Laser Ranger. But none of those changes affect a starting player.

As a starting player, you really don’t have much of an advantage. With a Task Force, you have a slight advantage because you can leach off of the rewards but those rewards are scaled and random. Also, if you’re like me and run your own Task Force where you have limited time per day, it becomes a hassle scheduling the start of an Operation especially if you end up de-syncing your timing between Operations and your normal attack windows.

Right now, as a level 22 HQ10 player, I find opponents that are consistently higher level than me, sometimes 8 levels higher. There’s no way at my current level that I can beat most opponents just because I don’t have the firepower. And yes, for the record, I am playing offensively. Even then it’s rough just because the resources for NPC bases are so low. I know I need to expand my map but again getting enough resources making it tough to enact all the plans.

Yes, I can go out and subscribe for a 2nd Builder but why? Most times I just don’t have the resources so there’s no point in spending any money. And the real hump in the game is getting to TH16 where things become fun due to unlocking the Grank-Med combo.

What I’m getting at is that Boom Beach is a very slow game compared to Clash of Clans. While getting the daily reward from Operations is nice, I’d much prefer having something like a Clan Castle building where my higher level accounts can donate stuff like troops or Gunboat effects. That would even up the lower level playing field a lot just in the same way receiving a Baby Dragon makes a huge difference for starting players in Clash of Clans.

But the fact that Boom Beach is excruciatingly slow compared to Clash of Clans and frustrating due to the piss poor match making system I believe drives away potential players. Sure, Boom Beach has just one developer (if they’re fortunate enough even for that) while all their resources are now devoted to Warships (which sucks), the perception of this game is that Supercell doesn’t care because the company prefers putting their resources on Clash of Clans or Clash Royale.  In turn, that just creates a dissonance for the gaming community and it leaves Boom Beach feeling dull and poorly maintained. People don’t want that from a game.

Also, I think the people who are in Supercell’s ear for Boom Beach (i.e. Influencers) have their own motivations to keep their channels going, even though their suggestions don’t really help the community at large. So what you’ll see is a general stagnation for a game like this and that in turn will keep the game unappealing to the masses unless Supercell changes the attitudes of both the community and their internal developers to put better priority on this game to fix the lower level problems that might eventually reach a broader audience. But I think that period has long passed so we’ll just have a barely maintained game.

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