Clash of Clans: Inching Away At TH11

I’ve stated before that I feel TH11 is where the game really picks up nicely. Playing Electro Dragons is quite satisfying when you find a good layout. They can also be a real pain because of their squishiness  tendency to veer off because of how the AI gets distracted from time-to-time. But the other part of TH11 that takes a little more effort is when you unlock Ice Golems. And that is precisely what I did recently.

With my main TH11, I got through upgrading the Dark Barracks last night and immediately began upgrading my Ice Golems. I have a Book of Fighting from the season pass but I used a bunch of Raid Medals to buy up Research Potions from the Trader. I went to sleep and woke up just needing another Research Potion to finish up level 2 and spent the Book of Fighting for level 3. Once all that lined up, I swapped my army composition over and now am using Zap Ice Golem Witches. This works out quite well since there are two season challenges with PEKKAs and Wizards. I had my first few battles with this composition at TH11 and it was a breeze.

Because of my success with this plan, I am replicating this loop with my other two TH11 accounts. Those should take another few days especially my later TH11 because I had just started on the Dark Barracks (wish I had my Book of Building but that’s in the near future). Once that gets completed, I can use the same composition. I’m trying not to rush those two accounts as they’re still behind my main TH11 with stuff like the Earthquake spell or having all the Army Camps built out. So for my last TH11, I’m going to keep it steady especially because I’m down on Elixir.

On the positive side, I think both the lower two TH11s have their Grand Wardens at level 5. It’s practically the bare minimum to do much but at that point, the Grand Warden is quite delicate. I have to save on Elixir especially for my last TH11 to work on the Army Camps. But once that’s done, I’ll return to upgrading the Grand Warden. For now, the goal will be to get them to at least level 10 then upgrade the Barbarian King to level 30.

Right now, the biggest frustration I’ve had with the game is low resources across the board. It feels as though there’s not just a recession in IRL but in this game too. The biggest dearth is in the lack of gold since both Elixir and Dark Elixir aren’t as that big of a deal after the change in removing the cost for training troops. But Gold tends to be the real scarcity in this game.

On the bright side, the 2nd tier of challenges had opened up last night. The reliable one is doing Capital Raids x5. So pretty much you’re guaranteed an easy 150 points if you have a Clan Capital. In my case, I’ve found the Raid Medals especially helpful recently. At this point, I’ve finally finished upgrading my Battle Machine and Gold storage for my Builder Bases. So I’m using the remaining medals for Research Potions. I found this especially useful with the Ice Golem upgrade. So I think this little cycle is working to my advantage.

With my TH10s, I’ve mostly switched my Army Composition back to Golems + Witches to again take advantage of the season challenge for PEKKAs and Wizards. Also, it makes donations easy. Once my TH11s have their basic upgrades complete, I’m going to upgrade Bowlers and Giants down the line for more donations.

Something I started doing for my TH11 with the Ice Golem composition is that I used a Yeti + 2 Valkyries and a Barbarian for my Clan Castle Troops. Until I get to TH12 where I can get +5 more Housing Space for my Clan Castle, I think the 2nd Valkyrie works out quite well. But it does go to show that I probably should start upgrading my Valkyries at some point. I’ve been negligent on my Dark Barracks troops in general.

The next few days up until the weekend should be interesting. I’m really looking forward to getting my next TH11 prepared to use Ice Golems + Witches. Right now, that’s my favorite Army Composition in the game overall. I am working on a TH10 upgrading my Miners. I watched a video the other night showing how you can do a Queen Walk + Miners attack (no Hog Riders) at TH10 and it looked quite easy. I think the key though is to upgrade the Archer Queen to at least level 30, maybe 25 at minimal. I think 30 is where her attacks do sufficient damage to take down buildings.  If I could go higher, I would but it gets painful post 30. But one thing that I will have at my disposal is a Siege Barracks. That should compliment the Barbarian King’s attack in a Miner attack. But that part will take quite a bit of upgrades. Still, given how many upgrades I need at TH10, I might actually make it this time around.

Then we come to my TH13s. My main account is really boring right now just because the progress is all about Archer Towers and Cannons with the occasional Hero thrown in. But my Barbarian King on that account is very close to level 70, which is huge. From there, I’m going to start pushing my Archer Queen again. But that push is going to be very painful and slow. I figure I will only get 1-2 levels per season. By the end of this, I should have a good chunk of my defenses upgraded and might just have Walls remaining. But again, the point of this exercise is fully upgrade (with the exception of all Walls) before pushing to TH14.

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