Clash of Clans: November Is Here

So November is here and I ended up missing most of Clan Games for October as a result of having a new job. It sucked in that I only was able to reach Tier 1 rewards but the entirety of last week kept me too busy and tired to keep up, despite how I brought my iPad to the Airbnb that I was staying at. Nevertheless, by having a new job that does allow me a little guilty pleasure in fully charging all 8 of my accounts with the latest Season Gold Pass. Unfortunately, this month’s skin is for the Royal Champion and I won’t be seeing that on anyone except my highest two accounts for a while. That said, I’ve still made some decent progress across the board and figured it was a good time to share a bit.

The biggest thing for me was pushing two more accounts to TH11. Originally, I was betting on having more time and energy to do Clan Games at night but all that fell through just because I was simply too tired. But that does mean that hopefully for this coming month, three of my accounts will be in a great spot to really maximize what I can do in Clan Games. Already, I have setup the two new TH11s with level 2 Electro Dragons, Lightning Spells and the basic defenses, using up my various Books from the previous seasons. I am trying to get the Clan Castle upgraded too since that will allow me one more spell but at this stage, it’s not a critical piece compared to upgrading my Army Camps and pushing my Grand Warden to level 5. However, I am in a bit of an awkward position as my accounts all have excessive amounts of Dark Elixir. So I’m trying to use that up on Heroes or troop upgrades.

My TH10s are making their ways up. I’ve been incredibly negligent when it comes to Capital Raids so I haven’t received any Raid Medals to continually boost my Battle Machine. Because of that Versus Battles are pretty lame at the moment as I’m finding a lot of higher level Builder Bases that are annoying and somewhat demotivating to battle. But I think I might try it again this coming weekend as long as I have some energy. Otherwise, the big things is just preparing for the eventual TH11 upgrade. Since this season’s rewards include a Book of Building rather than two Books of Heroes, I’m thinking that I might save the various books (except the one for Heroes) until the end of the season where I might push these three TH10s up a notch. Then they should be able to glide for a while as TH11.

In general, the current plan is to keep these TH11s in a catch up mode possibly for 2-3 months. The current TH11s all have been rushed so there’s just too many defenses that are subpar. But I think TH11 is a good spot where you have a reliable troop in the Electro Dragon that can decimate a lot of bases while picking up very good loot. Also, I want to use this period to build up my Heroes as they’re pretty low still. I think I’ll only consider pushing to TH12 when the bulk of the defenses are upgraded and my Heroes are maxed out.

For my two TH13s, I’m still ways away from thinking of moving to TH14, especially my main account. A good portion of my main defenses are in good shape but I’m currently concentrating on my Barbarian King where I’m trying to get him to level 70. It might take all season though to get to that spot. Then once he’s done, I want to finish up my Archer Queen, swing back to my Royal Champion and finish off the Barbarian King. The reason for this route is that Th14 is going to be Dark Elixir intensive with the Pets. I figure that the sheer cost of pushing all those pets is going to be rough and I’ll be facing lots of TH14s that will be very hard to beat. Even though TH15 just came out, I don’t want to be in a rush just because of the difficulty increase.

Going back to the TH11s though, one thing I am looking forward to is unlocking Ice Golems. I’m a huge fan of the Ice Golem + Witch army composition and I think TH12 is where they really become nasty. However, I have some ways to get there in my current situation. But I think having a dual army composition, one in the air and the other on the ground is a great thing as you can learn how to handle different situations, especially if a season challenge or Clan Games activity presents itself. I still would like to get my Miners and Hog Riders up too though but I need my Archer Queen to move up. I sort of missed my opportunity at TH10 to learn how to use them so I might try it on my newer accounts. Either that or spend extra time upgrading as many troops as possible. I think Hog Miners are going to be vastly important at TH15 so I want to learn them soon.

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