Clash of Clans: TH13 With Max Housing Space!

There was a reasonably priced Book of Building available that I bought yesterday so that I could finish up my Army Camp on my TH13 account. I figured that I wanted to use the full 300 House Space and get some value before the season ended. Not to mention I put my Royal Champion down for a level 8 upgrade. But I will say that it felt good not having to worry about Army Camps (at least until the next major update).

For now, I decided to add a second Baby Dragon to the mix. I might eventually change up my army composition but I don’t feel the immediate need. If anything, I would just remove the two Baby Dragons and replace them with an additional Ice Golem, a Wizard and Archer to fill up the last 5 slots. Not very exciting but I basically would be getting one more tank out of this and a weaker backend clean up crew while my Royal Champion is being upgraded. Or I could change the PEKKA to something else since that cost a fair amount of housing space. But I like the idea of having a secondary tank to my Barbarian King. Usually, the PEKKA can last quite a while and serves as a nice secondary infiltrator as I send my Log Launcher in.

What I really love about the Ice Golem + Witch attack is that it’s really about overwhelming your enemies with a huge army that gets regenerated. As long as you can deal with the bigger splash damage like Inferno Towers and Scattershots, this army will overrun a lot of bases. I did fail on my secondary account yesterday but I scored over 800k in Gold so it didn’t feel too horrible. Occasionally, if you face a heavily walled base, your troops trying to hit the Town Hall might get diverted and destroyed over time. What really hurts at the moment is that my secondary account’s Grand Warden is under the knife so to speak being upgraded so I lose a little bit of that initial defense gained with his special ability. But I figure it’s worth the cost since I might have a level 25 Grand Warden before the end of the season. Also, as long as I go after specific bases, my army composition won’t fail that often.

That said, I might switch to Super Dragons again because my secondary account is behind my main account when it comes to season challenge points. The Super troop challenge is pretty easy with Super Dragons and I find that the troop is pretty reliable. In addition, that means I could start sending the Stone Slammer again from both accounts so that my secondary account can get points for siege machine donations. It’s not as effective as the Log Launcher in my opinion but it does get the job done.

One cool thing that happened for my main account is that one of the Scattershots finished upgrading to level 2 so I won’t have to worry about it until Town Hall 14. With the freed up Builder, I plan to upgrade my Dark Elixir storage next. That’s going to eat away the bulk of my Elixir but it will be worth it since I still have my Rune of Dark Elixir that I’ve been holding onto for sometime. I’m probably going to use it for my Archer Queen, although my Barbarian King probably could use it as well. But I’d prefer to get my Archer Queen to level 70 soon. Alternatively, I could go for my Royal Champion and push her to level 10 but it doesn’t seem worth it just yet since the number of days for upgrading her is pretty low. I just figure that the Archer Queen is unbelievably good and the grind to 75 will require every resource I have when its available.

Also, I’m waiting on one of my Gold Storage units to finish up in a day and a half. Once that happens, I hope to have enough gold to push my Giga Inferno to max level. From there I think my TH13 will be in a good spot for the rest of the season. Obviously, I need to finish getting the rest of my storage units upgraded but I don’t feel as pressing of a need since the 20% discount really helps with most of the nastier costs. The only one that’s hard to deal with is the Town Hall for now and I have two gold storage upgrades going.

I feel like I can get the remaining season perks today on my main. It might take a little more effort from my secondary account but I’ve been lucky in that most of the challenges have lined up with my attack strategy. But there are some events going on that I don’t think I can do (or simply aren’t motivated to do) at least until I can finish up the season perks. After that, I can do whatever events come my way.

Looking forward to next season, I think it’s going to be really interesting for my main account. By then I hope to have achieved pushing my Royal Champion to level 10. After that I’ll try to get my Barbarian King to level 60. With the Ice Golem + Witch combo, I find that the Barbarian King plays a bigger role than my Archer Queen. Anything left over will probably go to my Archer Queen. Maybe at the end of this season I’ll plunk down a huge chunk of Dark Elixir change to upgrade my Bowlers. I want another chance with them since I have the Log Launcher. Also, I should be done with upgrading my Yetis. I’ve been watching a few guides on doing Yeti attacks and I think they should come easily once my upgrades complete.

Also, I would like to upgrade my Wizards and Baby Dragons next season. My Balloons should be on that list along with Electro Dragons but I find getting the right bases for Dragons in general tougher than finding a good base for Ice Golems + Witches. The Hog Riders/Miners will be my much later focus, probably 2-3 seasons from now. The amount of things I have to upgrade for them to work is nasty. And with Ice Golems + Witches being successful for me at the moment, I don’t feel the need to put that much resources/effort into them. I’m sure I can make them work right now but why do that when I already have a pair of successful strategies?

My secondary account is doing well but just it doesn’t have the same luster as my main account. I think the gap between both accounts is going to end up being very large just because I spend more money on my main account. I think if I was working I’d put money into both accounts but I have to be supremely judicious at the moment.



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