Lost Ark: Slightly Less Frustrating Day

Made reasonable progress today in the game. Collected my Una’s tokens for gold and walked about with around 3k. That was on top of collecting another 2k in gold from selling off Guardian stones and some other bits of equipment including a juicy tier 2 Ability Stone with the Grudge and Keen Blunt Weapon engraving for 200g. It was a nice little haul overall which made me realize how critical it was to continue to push more people into Punika.

I had a weird previous night because I started so late in the game that the daily activities all reset while I was playing. I suppose that wasn’t a bad thing because I felt I had more time when I got through my main session. The only character that gave me some issues was my Gunlancer because I had to face that stupid boss from Yorn or Feiton that teleports around and just stays in the air the entire time. It effectively wasted my Chaos Dungeon run and pissed me off while making me realize just how bad Gunlancers can be soloing certain bosses in a Chaos Dungeon spec. Also, it made me want to strangle the designers for A) putting that boss as a Chaos Dungeon random; B) having such a boss in the game in the first place especially at that level where you’re gear is still not tuned.

On the plus side, now that I have over 8k gold and no one to transfer for a while, I plan on saving it. I might transfer my Deathblade and Berserker through Yorn but I’m not sure yet. It’ll either be Yorn or Feiton but I feel neither are that bad. The other thing I discovered pleasantly was that my silver increased for doing Lopangs on my Paladin because of how he’s in tier 2 gear now. Because he’s progressing really slowly through Yorn as a result of not having enough Leapstones, I’m considering switching my Artillerist because he’s all done with his big dailies for a while (at least until I get un-lazy and finish up South Vern). Then I can have my Paladin continue doing dailies that give Leapstones such as Shunshire, Kalthertz and Hypnos’s Eyes to push him faster through Yorn. Otherwise, his progress will take forever at one upgrade a day.

Eventually, I’ll need to switch my Berserker too just because he’s another Lopang enjoyer. For now, he doesn’t need the Leapstones because I always have the option of running my Punika people on Tier 2 Guardian Raids (i.e. Flame Yoho) to get more honing materials. I just need to stop being lazy and unmotivated in that respect. I could do Tower as well but running Tower is like taking your dick and converting it into hamburger with one of those meat tenderizers.

The one character I’m very close to moving up is my Shadowhunter. She just needs one upgrade on her weapon to move into Punika. I will most likely run her through Punika just because she doesn’t suck compared to some other classes doing that type of content. Not to mention Punika does afford some honing materials to get you started. But it will be nice once she’s ready. I might even give her a few days of rested bonus before sending her through just to ensure that her initial Punika Chaos Dungeon runs gives her all the 1302 gear and accessories.

I am sad that the chicken event is ending next week though. The one great thing about it was all the honing materials, especially the tailoring books. That part really helped me push through Tier 2. Tier 3 is so painful that I kinda gave up once I hit 1340. But at least with Tier 2, some sort of light at the end of the tunnel presented itself.

One thing I’ve been doing is the guild life skill quests. This week we have Hunting and Excavating, two areas where I really haven’t done too much. Punika has two very good areas for one or the other but that means that only three characters at the moment can achieve those. I did some research and came up with Azure Wind Island as being an excellent Tier 2 Excavating zone while Crescent Isle makes for a great Hunting zone, especially for lower ilvl characters. Azure Wind Island is great because there’s a lot of Epic digging spots which provides excellent materials for honing (the Caldera stuff). And because I was low on pearls, I figured that this would be a great way to really pick up a ton of that. So I’ve been doing the really big gathering quests for those just to level up those two life skills. Crescent Isle was great too because of chasing after the island soul, which I obtained. Along the way I managed to pick up a few more World Leafs too so the entire experience was wonderful. In addition, I noticed that at the start I was the only one doing these particular guild quests. But once the bar moved further across, someone decided to help finish up the last part. I’m hoping that if we can complete a good chunk of these life quests, we’ll see the needle move both in terms of the blood stone accumulation on reset day as well as guild experience so that we can get level 8 soon. Level 8 is a big one as it’ll give us access to the final level of the guild store and that’s going to be really big.

The only guild quest I have yet to participate in thus far is either the Cube or Boss Rush ones. Cube might be okay if I was with friends and on Discord or some sort of chat but otherwise, I don’t feel motivated to get yelled at if I fuck up. Same for Boss Rush although the bigger carrot on the stick is that it gives gems and leapstones. This is one of those things where I feel totally abandoned by my guild because of how everyone got demotivated and quit. So I really have no incentive in getting my ass chewed out for the sake of progressing the guild when no one is there to help me.

Also, I was pissed earlier when I saw that the OG guild leader, who has kept saying he was going to return to Lost Ark “soon”, said he’s got all these other games in the queue. Honestly, I’m very close to booting every single member out and making the guild private then changing the name. That whole thing felt like a slap in the face. And I’ll be pissed if the guy comes back (or his lieutenant) and suddenly demands that I transfer leadership. I’m not giving up the hard work I’ve put in just because I managed to elevate the guild on my back. Heck, I’ll probably kick my other friend who abandoned me out too. Just sick of flakes.

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