Clash of Clans: The Worst…

A new event started tonight where there’s a reward of a Builder potion for using 11 Hog Riders. They discounted the Healing spell to match and have another reward with Super Wallbreakers which altogether implies that they want people doing a Queen Charge Hybrid attack. However, I just don’t feel ready for it just yet.

I’ve mentioned that for my main account, I practically need to upgrade everything in that list for doing a proper Queen Charge Hybrid attack. Healing spell, Hog Riders, Miners, Wizards, PEKKAs, my Archer Queen, etc. I know it’s not entirely impossible and I would require a great deal of practice but it’s so far down my list that a single Builder potion does not feel worth the effort. Also, the Super Wallbreakers only gives as Hero potion that I virtually never use.

The third leg of the event is a soul crushing 1000% building destruction for Versus battles. Ugh. I suppose I’ll do that one naturally just because I’m already doing the daily season challenge. The reward for that event is a bit nicer with 10 Wall Rings, which actually is quite good. I have a feeling that they created this part of the incentive to match the 18 Air Bomber attack that gives the 200 season challenge points to help motivate people like me into doing more Versus battles. Because the only requirement is 1000% building destruction, it kinda works since you can just spam attacks regardless if you’re actually trying to get any rewards from normal Versus battles. That lowers the stakes considerably and allows one to focus on pushing for that 18 Air Bomber challenge without worrying about stars. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make the situation any less soul crushing since Versus battles are like shoving a hose that blast acid into your anus for an enema.

But on the positive side, I finished up my Eagle Artillery and Giga Inferno level 4. Now, I won’t have to worry about upgrading the pricey Eagle Artillery for a while. However, the Giga Inferno’s final level will have to wait because of the gold requirement. That part isn’t difficult but I needed to use my Builders to upgrade two Gold Storage units. I could’ve just done one but I feel it’s better to get your storage units done as early as possible so that you can fill them up whenever you get more Runes. It just sucks that they’ll take a week to complete. So perhaps by that time, I won’t have the gold to upgrade the Giga Inferno. I might just upgrade my multi target Inferno Tower instead when my next Builder frees up. I could also upgrade my other Scattershot but that will leave my core pretty vulnerable. I’m just thinking what will give me the biggest bang for my buck without any downsides and I don’t think there is.

My other account is going steadily. The thing I’m starting to do is upgrade the resource generators. In truth, I don’t really require them as much because of how offensive I’ve managed to become. But there are instances where having a fully upgraded resource generator in combination with a boost would help such as when I’m down on resources for training my army. So I’m planning to dedicate at least one Builder for upgrading the generators. I just wanted to get my bigger splash damage defense buildings upgraded and have a Wizard Tower remaining in that group. The other thing I’m dedicating a Builder for at this time is my Barracks. The Dark Elixir Barracks aren’t as important compared to the normal ones because of lowering the time for training Yetis. Eventually, I’ll get to the Dark Barracks but I don’t really care for the Headhunter. I think it’s just one more thing you have to micromanage.

It’s funny looking at my secondary account now and seeing the cost compared to my TH13 account. It’s just such an immense difference because the TH13 takes half a month as well as a good chunk of resources while the secondary account doesn’t look that bad anymore. I did start a PEKKA upgrade, which is one of those near 2 week upgrades but I use it in my Ice Golem – Witch composition so I think she’s worth it. Eventually, I’ll work on my Archers to really round out this army but I’m in no rush as I slowly am rebuilding my Elixir.

At any rate, decent progress. I think my secondary account will see some significant upgrade activity in a day or two. My main account will just require me to be patient for a week before I start seeing any big results. In two weeks though, my main account will have the full 300 housing space available so I’m really looking for to that. Getting that extra 10 spaces is almost like having a new toy.

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