Lost Ark: The Reliable Gold Making Method Is Paying For My Knowledge Transfers

Since I decided to pause on pushing my Artillerist any further up the chain for the time being, I figured with his excess honing materials, I would start selling them. Right now the Guardian stones (tier 3) sell for roughly 10g per bundle of 10. As I had around 5k of those just on my Artillerist, I figured that I could just get rid of 2k. Very easy gold right there. There’s a thought of just doing this as much as I can so that I can pull in more alts into Punika, get them to roughly ilvl 1340, park them and then farm Chaos Dungeons for Guardian stones and just make a ton of gold while it’s still possible.

Today was a good old reset day. There wasn’t a lot of appealing content to me with the only exception being the Chaos Gate in which I just end up holding onto these Secret Maps that I’m too lazy to run. I think the Pirate Coin reward for the day from Adventure Island was through the Lush Reed island which I pretty much have written off because it’s just terrible PVP. But I figured I might as well use the extra time for other activities.

I did end up running through my gamut of characters and split my time into two sessions. I was pretty exhausted as my sleep schedule hasn’t been great, partly because my body has been all over the place and that above me there’s been some really obnoxious construction. All that has made me want to do is sleep in more, although I will need to hit the store again soon to pick up a few things.

But I would say the most satisfying thing accomplished was getting my Berserker through Rohendel. It wasn’t really hard just tedious and the two dungeons provided little more than an annoyance. The last fight felt like it took forever and pretty much convinced me to spend gold to Knowledge Transfer my Deathblade over now that I no longer have to depend on my once per week Una’s Tokens for making the bulk of my gold. Instead, I just want to push my alts as fast as possible to Punika now that I see where I want to go.

Likewise, I took one look at my Glavier and decided to spend the gold to get her through Feiton. The problem I have with re-doing these story quests is that at a certain point in time, you just feel blocked. Like the Rohendel part wasn’t hard but it took a good chunk of time to complete and I just skipped as many cut scenes as possible since I’ve watched them more than enough for a life time. In some way, I wanted to do Feiton but knowing I’d have two annoying bosses and that stupid stealth scenario quest to get through again just made me want to not bother again. I could feel my soul slipping away and I would need to dedicate time to get through that mess. Honestly, I can tolerate Punika a lot more by comparison, even though the dialog is inane.

But this should make things easier. Now, I won’t be blocked anymore and can just focus on my dailies and Chaos Dungeons to make steady progress until the next major ilvl transition. At least for my Paladin, that won’t be for a while since he’s a Lopang enjoyer and doesn’t earn enough Leapstones to push faster. I could also use my Tier 3 people to collect mats from Guardian raids to feed my two remaining Tier 1 alts. It’s more of a case whether I care that much.

As those characters are all in the process of being Knowledge Transferred and whatnot, my Scrapper just came out of hers and straight into Feiton. What’s nice is that right out of the gate, you can start doing the Feiton dailies for your Leapstones. I imagine down the line my Berserker and Paladin will end up giving up their Lopangs in favor of the Feiton dailies because it’s a royal pain trying to find sources and getting a route setup all over again especially compared to the sheer ease and efficiency once you get your BiFrost setup.

So far though, I would say that the Scrapper has been a lot more fun to play as of late. I think a huge difference maker are the gems. I haven’t been bounced around as much and I think tier 3 might be even better.

Something else I’ve been doing is my guild weeklies. This week the life skills are Hunting and Excavation both of which are kinda low level on my account. However, at least with Punika, I find both skills remarkably easy to do. I have two spots where both fit in nicely so it’s a good way to motivate oneself in not just helping the guild out but leveling up those skills. Since those skills are less emphasized by me than my other skills, I was able to level them a bit and more importantly score some World Leaf tokens. I managed to get enough to qualify for the Faint Citrine reward which is used to upgrade your charm. So that made me pretty happy.

Speaking of the guild, it’s nearly level 8. The big thing that’ll come out of that is the affect on the guild store and being able to have access to another level of mats. So I’m going to do what I can to contribute towards that.


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