Clash of Clans: 1400 Season Challenge Points Achieved So Far

I hit a few nice milestones today on my season journey. 1400 points allows you to obtain a Book of Fighting. So I got that on both accounts after collecting 5 million in Elixir. What I ended up doing is getting enough Elixir for upgrading my Log Launcher to level 4 (maxed out) on my main account and pushing my Grand Warden to level 23 on my secondary one. Then with the spare Rune of Elixir, I started the final Army Camp upgrade on my main account while upgrading my Yetis to level 2 on my secondary account. All that required was, as Guns ‘n’ Roses would say, a little patience.

The next things I have in my sights are the 1600 – 1700 point mark by doing the 3 star daily season challenge and knocking down more Teslas. That would altogether get me most of the 20% bonuses except the research one, which is fine because I don’t have anything in the works at the moment (I spent all my Elixir after all). The really hard ones left are the Healing spell and Air Bomber for the Builder Base. The Air Bomber in particular is nasty just because it’s fucking versus battles which possibly is one of the most soul crushing aspects of this game that you shouldn’t have to play. Worse yet you have to destroy 18 of them which is one per battle. So unless you’re a complete masochist, you’ll probably just do one versus battle a day to get your daily 20 points in. Otherwise, it’s another reason why I hope that the reported update to the Builder Base is that they just delete the whole damn thing from the face of the planet.

So I guess the next major milestones will be to obtain that Rune of Dark Elixir and the Book of Heroes at the end of the season perks. I believe that will take at least another week to accomplish since I haven’t rushed out to start learning Queen Charge + Hybrid yet. Also, I feel there’s no real need because if I really wanted to, I could just swap out the Rage spell for Healing for four battles while looking for dead bases. Otherwise, at this stage, I feel no need to switch army compositions. What I have going works really well and has been immensely satisfying with only one non-3 star attack after the initial warm up botch.

For now, I’m thinking I’ll keep what I have going to continue farming Elixir. While my secondary account now has level 2 Yetis, I would like both accounts to be setup in that manner before switching over. For that to happen, I’ll need to work on my main account, which is going to take a bit of time (unless I say fuck it and just spend one afternoon using Super Goblins). I just don’t feel a pressing need at this second because the season challenges are more important.

One thing I am looking forward to is my Eagle Artillery being completed tomorrow. I’m probably going to use my freed up Builder to start upgrading a Gold Storage as I will soon be blocked from getting my final level for the Giga Inferno going. Eventually, I’ll need to upgrade my Dark Elixir Storage as well. At over 7 million in Elixir though, I think my priority ought to be the Gold Storage until I can get both the Dark Elixir Rune and Book of Heroes. Also, by the time I manage to farm up enough Elixir, I should have my 20% Builder bonus which will reduce the cost another 5%.

All things considered, I think this season has been going pretty well. I hit the big goals except for getting my Royal Champion to level 10 and will be in a great position going into next month’s season since I’ll have the full 300 housing space available from both Army Camps being upgraded, having the max level Log Launcher and my Royal Champion in a good spot. Also, I probably will have most of my resource storage units upgraded by then. From there I can get more troops like the PEKKA, Wizard and Bowlers upgraded.

One thing though that I’m thinking about is that I might not do the Queen Charge Hybrid attack for a while. There’s just so many troops that need to be upgraded for that to work and I’m quite a ways away before being in position where I can feel confident in switching over compared to using my existing compositions and knowing that I have at least two versions that can three star bases. That said, I will work towards that composition once I get some of these other troops in a better spot. It might take 2-3 seasons more before I’m ready though just because the cost and timing are enormous while still attempting to remain as F2P as possible.

Which reminds me of how I ended up skipping on the Book of Building in the shop. Quite honestly, as fun as having 300 Housing Space will eventually be, it’s not really necessary and I’m doing just fine at this point in time. I’m sure the extra 10 spaces that I don’t have at the moment will do well in clutch situations (like another Ice Golem, maybe another Witch, etc.) But it’s not a must have situation compared to improving my Royal Champion. Not to mention I still would need about a week before my current Army Camp I had been working on gets finished. So in two weeks all this will make a huge difference. Now, not so much.

One thing I do realize is that I probably should get my Heroes up as high as they can go before I ever move on to TH14. I was looking over the Dark Elixir cost for pets along with the time commitment and those are some brutal numbers. But if I can position my Heroes so that the last few levels within TH14 are trivial compared to upgrading Pets, then the time investment early on will be worth it. The one thing that could change these numbers is the rumored TH15 update. Since Supercell has lowered the cost in the past for lower level towns, I figured they’ll do the same with TH13 since they ultimately will want you playing TH15 sooner than later. There’s no timeline on when that update may happen but I figure that with the recent massive update from the Clan Capitol, we probably won’t see another one like that for a while. I think the Builder Base will more likely see an update before TH15 comes out, if not in parallel.

Either way, I would like at least 6 months to get some good progression in on my main account before TH15 comes out. I honestly won’t mind if TH15 is delayed until next year. I think there’s enough upgrades available where I won’t get close to TH14 for the rest of the year. My TH12 secondary account though could see TH13 by the end of the year. I have a reasonable amount of stuff in a good spot but I think my biggest weakness will be my heroes. The reason being that I’m trying to keep that account F2P outside of the Season Pass.  If I see a $3-6 bargain, maybe I’ll consider but it’ll be an exception than a rule. Also, the biggest thing I needed from the secondary account was the Workshop while my main account was pushing its own Workshop. Now, that I have my Log Launcher in a good spot, my secondary account really isn’t a crutch and I can continue just donating the normal troops.

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