Clash of Clans: The 3 Star Attacks Continue With Ice Golems and Witches

The past day I went into a super aggressive mode with my Ice Golem + Witch attack strategy. At this point, I’d say I’m reasonably comfortable with the attack and knowing what bases to look for. Admittedly, I haven’t gone after the really high end bases just because I want to improve my Heroes, troops, siege machines and a few spells so that I will have more confidence in each attack. That said, because I’ve been far more discerning about what I attack, I have not missed a single 3 star attack since the switch over and it’s been a load of fun.

The big thing I’m waiting for tonight is my Royal Champion to finish being upgraded to level 7. I think I have about 18 hours to go before that gets done. After that, the plan is to use my Builder to begin upgrading a Gold Storage because the cost of upgrading my Town Hall’s Giga Inferno to level 5 exceeds the amount of Gold I can currently hold (hey, that rhymed!). That does mean I’ll sacrifice a ton of Elixir I just gained that I wish I could use for either the final Army Camp upgrade or starting my Log Launcher level 4, but I really don’t see any other way as even the 20% Builder reduction cost won’t be enough.

What that does mean is that I have to wait roughly a week before being able to upgrade my Town Hall to max for TH13, which sucks. But I might apply the extra Gold resources to a different defense in the meantime. I still have a Rune of Gold saved up so I can always use that once my Gold Storage is done and/or just try and upgrade all of the Gold Storage units with the intent of eventually getting a big boost of gold and upgrade the Giga Inferno to level 5 after my 20% boost kicks in. That way I can really maximize everything. I mean, as cool as having a level 5 Giga Inferno is, I feel that even a level 4 is still pretty decent. Not to mention defenses like the X-Bows require 2 upgrades for TH13 so starting on one of those might be a good idea regardless. In a way, I’m thinking that without the resource storage units fully upgraded, certain buildings will just present a lot of problems when my Builders are free as well as really getting the most value out of any Runes I acquire.

One debate I’m going through at the moment is whether to shill out $15 for a Rune of Building on the shop. Since I should be able to acquire the Rune of Elixir fairly soon (like after 1am tonight), I could use that straight away on my last Army Camp in conjunction with the Rune of Building. But at $15 it does feel like a high cost, although I will be gaining 100k in Dark Elixir and a few other bonuses. That Dark Elixir is critical too so that I can continue boosting my Royal Champion in order to hit my goal of getting her to level 10 before the end of the season. And even at these “low” levels, the cost aren’t cheap.

With the purchase of a Book of Fighting, I was able to fast upgrade my Log Launcher to level 3. That upgrade does feel quite good since I’ve been going after bases with lower level walls. I tend to avoid thick bases since my troops are far from being maxed out at this stage and I’m still winding my way around this troop type. But I’m pretty happy with the results thus far. I feel that with level 4, my Log Launcher will be able to reach a centralized Town Hall whereas right now, it’s still a little ways away which has presented close calls as my Clan Castle troops might get distracted and not make it to the Town Hall. The last battle I did, my Witches were primarily responsible for taking down the Town Hall, although I think one of my Heroes came in clutch at the last second once the Witches nearly got knocked out. But I really enjoy this siege machine over the Wall Wrecker just because I look for bases that have a key defense like an Eagle Artillery along my Log Launcher’s path. I think if I were to be able to establish a better funnel, I would have even better results. But I’m still working on that. My belief is that once I get the full 300 housing space for my main account, I might end up swapping out the Baby Dragon for another Golem and Witch or so along with clean up troops like say a Wizard and a Minion. Then I start a small funnel on the two sides of the base to begin taking out outer buildings. Again I just need more work at practicing this attack strategy and fine tuning it. But I am pretty confident to a certain level. Next is mastering it against more difficult bases.

For my other account, I started upgrading another Barracks. I did that because I can envision myself using more Yetis in the near future as a possible replacement for Super Dragons when I start farming Dark Elixir again. While I probably won’t immediately replace my current army composition of Ice Golems and Witches, I want to start preparing for that moment, not to mention increasing my main account’s survivability when it comes to the Clan Castle troops. The Yetis have been pretty impressive as my Clan Castle troops, certainly a lot better than the weak Giants that I had been using before. I’ve seen them with their Yetimites come in clutch against defenses where thick Walls block my Yetis.

The other thing way down the road, maybe for the end of the season, I’m considering is upgrading on both accounts my Bowlers. I haven’t had great success with Bowlers thus far but I still think it’s because I was lacking the Log Launcher. I still would like to give them a try but I don’t want to take chances by having them be under leveled. The only thing is that they are incredibly costly to upgrade and I would prefer to use the resources on my Heroes in the near term. Perhaps, getting them to the next level for their respective bases will be a goal next season since my priority would be to switch my Hero focus to my Grand Warden on both accounts. Then I can funnel the Dark Elixir for the season just towards my Bowlers to upgrade.

Another aspect I’ll mention when I went to check out the next season challenges was that the first Capitol Raid challenge appeared. I was pretty pissed off because I knew I would be able to get this challenge for at least a few months since my Clan Capitol is not accessible yet and gated behind Clan Games. But I had a bad feeling it was coming given that a lot of the season perks/rewards include resources for your Clan Capitol. It’s really such a thing to shit in people’s faces if they lack a large, prolific clan. I really wish they’d at least let you access the Capitol if you just had a clan at all. It’s not like you could do anything. But I hate content gating like this and I know by the time I unlock this aspect of the game, I’ll be so far behind that I’ll probably be demotivated from doing anything significant with it unless by some miracle I make some friends who are willing to join and raid  consistently.

I suppose if there’s any positive outcome from this incorporation of the Clan Capitol portions it’s that they’ve bundled up some of the rewards. For instance, instead of spreading your Elixir as a 500k, 1mil, 1.5 mil. etc type of reward, they’ve now provided two sums, which are more useful in the short period.  It seems you’ll still be able to receive the overall same amount of rewards as the previous seasons but you can gain access to some a lot sooner.

Either way, there’s a small temptation to start using Super Goblins sooner than later just to farm up a ton of resources fast and push my last Army Camp and storage units. I feel those things will give me the most bang for my buck, although in truth Super Goblin farming is a royal pain. But there’s also a season challenge of acquiring 5 million Elixir which provides a slick 200 season points so doing Super Goblins in a big push session for say 2 hours might be worth it especially once my Royal Champion’s upgrade is completed. The other thing is that I won’t have to worry about waiting around and swapping between accounts to exchange troops and just focus on hitting juicy targets.

However, I did miss Lost Ark yesterday and with reset coming later tonight, I figure I should get my Lost Ark play time in early.


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