Clash of Clans: Ice Golems and Witches Are Fun!

So since I now have a level 2 Log Launcher, max Witches on two accounts and the highest level Ice Golems for the Laboratory level on both accounts, I decided to make the switch from Super Dragons to this other troop composition. My first time back with this army composition was a de-moralizing failure but the key really is to find certain bases where you can take advantage of bad layouts and inactivity to get the basics of how this works.

The Ice Golem + Witch army composition is basically called a “spam” attack strategy because it’s pretty thoughtless for the most part in that you need to mainly drop your Ice Golems, Log Launcher, Heroes (except Royal Champion) and Witches after possibly deploying certain spells to nullify any key defenses that are anti-Witch. For this attack I use 8x Lightning and 2x Earthquake spells along with one Rage and Poison spell. Quite honestly, I don’t know if Poison is all that necessary on normal bases except against Heroes but generally by the time my troops get to the Heroes, they are overwhelmed pretty fast. For the Clan Castle troops, on my main (45 housing spaced) account, I use 2 Yetis (which only are level 1 from my secondary account), a Valkyrie (also not leveled as high as she can go) and a single Barbarian along with the donated Rage spell while my secondary account receives the Log Launcher, 2 Yetis (which are level 2) and a single Wizard with the Rage spell. What’s nice about this Clan Castle troop format is that I don’t require two requests for spells compared to my Super/Electro Dragon attacks as for those I usually give a Lightning and Freeze spell. So far though, the underleveled Yetis don’t seem to make much of a difference with regards to their power.

Outside of the spam attack, I group up the troops so that they can get funneled inward towards the opening the Log Launcher makes. The idea is that you want your Barbarian King and Archer Queen hopefully to move inside the base with your troops as the Log Launcher opens up more compartments. As the Log Launcher nears the Town Hall, the health slowly diminishes or the Log Launcher gets destroyed by defenses to release your Yetis, etc. Once they are released and if they’re near enough to the Town Hall, you drop a Rage spell so that the Yetis, etc. can try and take out the Town Hall, even if there’s some walls remaining. Their little Yetimite spawns are the key in ignoring the remaining Walls and the number spawned depends on your Yeti’s level. That’s why it’s important to try and push them up as high as you can go so that they can spawn more to take down the Town Hall quickly. For my main account, since I have 10 extra spaces for housing, I use a Baby Dragon for clean up in the back along with the Royal Champion.

But again the key to this attack strategy is finding certain types of bases. Besides the obvious loot that you want, you also are looking for towns with single target Inferno Towers or dead bases. Splash damage is where your Witches struggle the most against so if you encounter Inferno Towers on a dead base or singles, then you can use your spells against Wizard Towers, Bomb Towers and Mortars. I tend to go after Wizard Towers especially if they’re clumped together with other splash damage type of buildings. Earthquake spells also can be used to help open up more of the base or take out multi target Inferno Towers that are damaged from the Lightning Spells. But avoid bases that have compartmentalized multi target Inferno Towers because you won’t be able to maximize the value from the AoE attacks of your spells.

Another key thing is to try and clump your Witches together under the Grand Warden. The reason being that his presence helps boosts the life not only of them but their summoned minions. And during the initial push as the Log Launcher makes its way inside, using his ability will help shield against Eagle Artillery attacks, especially if the Eagle Artillery is positioned in the middle of the base. I think on both accounts, I use an extra PEKKA to help tank although with the amount of housing space she takes, you probably can stuff other troops in her place. I’ve seen other combinations once they reach the full 300 housing space deploy another Ice Golem for more tankiness. Basically, having them around is like a mobile Freeze spell on auto mode.

The other important thing is not to be too aggressive against Town Halls with fully upgraded defenses. Yeah, “it’s not challenging” but I’m talking about a non-war setting. You’re there to get resources and 3 stars not just medals. This is really important against bases with high level Walls because of the number of required shots from your Log Launcher to penetrate those Walls. Obviously, when your Log Launcher becomes stronger, then this no longer becomes an issue. But at least for my level 2 Log Launcher, I’m being a bit conservative in my attacks and just going for more vulnerable bases. You can still get good loot so don’t pressure yourself into being an “esports epeen level player” when the real goal is to take out the base successfully.

As for what’s going on, I’m basically one attack away on both accounts from getting most of the major first portion of the season challenges. I’m just missing one more successful battle where I need to use a Rage spell, which is what was the primary motivation in having me switch to this army composition (along with farming pressure Elixir rather than Dark Elixir). After that, I have one more day before the next set of seasonal challenges become available.

The big thing between both accounts was upgrading my Archer Queen to level 59 on my secondary account. In 12 hours from the time of writing this post, the revised trader will be able to sell another Book of Heroes. So on top of the season challenge reward at the end of this season, I will be able to acquire at least two Book of Heroes, which means that I can get my Archer Queen up to level 60 this season. After that, the plan is to focus more on my Grand Warden, hence why I’m going to switch towards farming Elixir. So that part made me really happy as I’d like to get my Archer Queen to level 60 this season then next season push my Grand Warden to level 25. Also, I maxed out my Rage spell on my secondary account which was perfect as I was doing both the seasonal challenge and now using it for both accounts. That just leaves the Freeze and Bat spells are the big targets on my list on my secondary account, both of which I will be able to instantly complete as I have two Book of Spells for that account ready to go.

On my main account, I am waiting to finish off this next attack to gain the Rage spell seasonal challenge. Afterwards, I’ll upgrade my Royal Champion to level 7 which will take 3 1/2 days to complete. Compared to other upgrades at TH13, 3 1/2 days feels like a trivial amount of time to wait. Sadly, it’ll be the quickest thing to get done compared to the other upgrades being worked on. But my goal is to try to at least get my Royal Champion to level 10 by the end of the season. I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage that accomplishment though just because of timing and resources. Also, I’ll probably be farming more Elixir to push my Elixir troops for a while. But I do know I should be able to get my Royal Champion to at least level 8 no matter what by the end of the season and start level 9 when the season ends.

I think the main strategy here in terms of hero upgrades is to first stick with the Royal Champion until level 10, switch to Archer Queen and push her to level 70, get my Barbarian King to level 60 and then push my Grand Warden here and there to level 45. The Grand Warden gets less of a precedent here because of how critical he is but also the fact that mine is level 40. The added levels from this point mostly just increase the length of time his invincibility ability takes as well as his damage/hit points. But his life aura doesn’t improve anymore and I have no immediate plans to do warden walking. Finally, I think upgrading my Log Launcher and other siege machines, Yetis, etc. have a far higher importance just because of the wide variety of value I’ll be able to get from that on two accounts compared to a smidgen increase for my Grand Warden.

In addition, I’m still trying to farm up the Elixir to start upgrading my last Army Camp on my main account. I’m 6 million Elixir away so I figure by the time my Royal Champion is ready, I should have enough Elixir accumulated to start the Army Camp upgrade. That allows me to go into the next season with the full 300 house space allotment and a 45 housing space Clan Castle. Then I can start working on powering up more troops and later on my heroes.


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