Lost Ark: Reset Day and Good Progression

I started late today on Lost Ark because I was once again super tired. I went to the market earlier, had a late lunch where I got nailed by a food coma and just stayed brain dead until the early evening. Once I got up, I hopped on my Artillerist and started doing the normal rounds of stuff and pretty much had two sessions with a break for dinner tossed in.

The biggest deal was moving my Gunlancer to Punika. I bought up the tailoring books and honing mats from the chicken event shop and used them to push my last two pieces of gear. I had one fail and didn’t want to risk another issue as it would be expensive and frankly, I have zero patience. I got my Gunlancer to ilvl 1100 and shot him off to do the initial quests to get him into Nia Village. More than likely, I’ll finish most of it up tomorrow when I’m fresher. That way, I’ll have three people in Punika. Along the way, I changed up his leveling spec to a raid one. It worked out pretty well since the first encounter you get is with that demon clown character. But it’s a terrible spec to use while out in the world. I figure that the normal leveling one for Gunlancers just won’t apply at for the dungeon bosses here and I don’t want to go back and forth changing him. So moving forward for the scenarios/dungeons, I’ll probably just use the Chaos Dungeon spec for mobs and then swap for the major bosses. I mean the Chaos Dungeon one possibly could work too but stuff like Surge Cannon doesn’t make sense when you’re facing Albion.

Another person ready to move on is my Paladin. I hit ilvl 600 but unlike my Gunlancer, I’m probably just going to give him a few days of a break except for the usual Lopang enjoyment. And the reason for this is that I still need to buy my Paladin the ilvl 802 Tier 2 gear and prefer to do that when I’m not so dirt poor, meaning I’m going to wait until I get my Una’s tokens for the week so I can have a little more breathing room for progression.

Similarly, my Gunslinger is almost ready for Feiton. Unlike my Gunlancer and Paladin, I can continue to push her ilvl without being blocked by all the quest content from Feiton. But it might just be better to wait until my Gunlancer is done so that I can have a mental break from doing these big quest lines. Or if I can get those sweet 10k gold bars, then my problem would be solved and I’ll just pay to win Knowledge Transferring her.

I started playing my Shadowhunter again. The nice thing is that I think she just got into the 3rd Feiton Chaos Dungeon so the gear coming out is pretty good. And she’s got quite a bit of rested XP. I’ll probably be playing her a bit more until I finish up Punika on my Gunlancer. But she’ll be next in line to move to Punika.

I fell behind a bit on my Scrapper. She should be joining my Gunlancer in moving to Feiton but I’ve been pretty meh on her. But today was a better bout. I’m thinking the gear and gems are helping. So when she eventually gets to tier 3, she might feel a lot better to play as she’ll have tripods and better overall stats.

I am having more fun on my Glavier though. She’s just a fairly smooth class. Great AoE, single target, reasonable tankiness, her cooldowns aren’t that terrible. I am really liking her as Control rather than Pinnacle. It’s just one thing less to worry about. Probably, she does less damage than a Pinnacle Glavier but there’s less to worry about.

With my Paladin moving on to Feiton, that only leaves my Deathblade and Berserker remaining in Tier 1. So that’ll be easy because I can funnel all the Tier 1 materials to them. I intentionally left out my Deadeye. I’m still debating what to do with him. On the one hand, I don’t want to start a new character again and level from scratch. On the other hand, it’s just one spot that’s wasted. I mean you could always argue for Lopang but I can’t ever see myself doing anything else with him at this stage. My Gunslinger is far more fun to play and if I create a brand new character like a Destroyer, I’ll be able to bypass Shunshire, which is where my Deadeye has been permanently halted in progression. I could probably just use Knowledge Transfer to get him to Rohendel but he feels so redundant when I have a better Gunslinger around.

At any rate, it felt like a long session that wouldn’t end. I am looking forward to making progress on my Gunlancer though. The bulk of Punika is fairly trivial with the most offensive aspect being terrible, lengthy dialogue and bad voice acting. I still need to finish up South Vern but I just stopped giving a shit about it and vertical progression. Until SmileGate figures out a better catch up mechanism than forcing people to do their stupid Abyss Dungeons for gear, etc. I’m probably going to stop at ilvl 1370.


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