Clash of Clans: 290 Housing Space for TH13 Now

Made some good progress on my main account where I just finished up my 2nd max level Army Camp to bring my total army housing space up to 290 and then used a Rune of Elixir to begin constructing the 3rd Army Camp. The 3rd Army Camp won’t have too big of an impact for a while but the 2nd one felt like a major achievement for me because it allows me to add a Baby Dragon to the mix.

My main army composition is 5 Super Dragons, 8 Balloons and 1 Baby Dragon now with my Clan Castle troops being 5 Balloons and 1 Dragon. I use almost all Lightning Spells except for a single Freeze Spell. I know once my Clan Castle gets to the last level and adding the 3rd Clan Castle spell, I’ll probably have another Freeze Spell to that mix. For now, I feel this composition is pretty strong against moderate bases. However, strong bases will be difficult and I’ve bombed on a few that I was ill prepared for. Part of it also is that my Heroes aren’t maxed out just yet for this Town Hall and I have a while to go.

Next, I plan to push to get another Rune of Elixir which will come roughly around the mid point of this season. More than likely, I’ll probably manage to farm up enough Elixir so that I can upgrade my final Army Camp to max level. But it’ll be at least two weeks before I can the benefit from the last two. If I manage to do that, the Rune of Elixir will then be used to upgrade a troop like Balloons or Yetis. Eventually, I really want to switch over to begin using Ice Golems and Witches along with Yetis. But I feel in the short term, I need to upgrade a few other troops to get to that stage. I would add Bowlers to that mix except that I’d prefer to get my Royal Champion to level 10 before the season ends and use whatever I have left over for my Dark Elixir on my Archer Queen.

The one bad thing at the moment is that I’m overflowing with Gold. I’m waiting for my Town Hall to finish upgrading to level 3 so I can start on level 4. I think I should be able to start on Monday for that. Also, then whatever Gold I manage to have left over will probably be used for the final Elixir storage. I probably won’t be able to get to the Gold storage for a while as my other priority is the Dark Elixir storage. Since I want to upgrade my Bowlers, I’ll need quite a bit of Dark Elixir and either have to wait until the end of the season or use a Dark Elixir rune, which will require my Dark Elixir storage to be upgraded.

One thing is clear though in that I barely will be able to upgrade many defenses. Each one seems to take at least two weeks to upgrade. So I won’t see a lot of that until probably the end of the year. I’m just glad that I have 6 Builders working for me on both accounts. Otherwise, this situation would be very painful.

My secondary account now can exchange Stone Slammers, which is great for those season challenges requiring a large number of troops to be donated. I probably won’t upgrade my main account’s Stone Slammer for sometime since I’d prefer to get the Log Launcher and Siege Barracks to level 3. But having that level 3 Stone Slammer feels great at the moment just dropping large bombs on walls and having better survivability.

The one combo I originally wanted to try but probably won’t for a while is the Hybrid Queen Walk. I feel a bit uncomfortable without having maxed out troops and a secondary account whose similar troops are underleveled. Instead, I think it’s more important to focus on the attack strategies that I am good at until my Ice Golem – Witch army is ready. Speaking of that combo, I added a Baby Dragon to that composition as well. I think if I had the full 20 extra slots from TH13, I would probably have a 6th Ice Golem and maybe a Wizard and Archer as the backend clean up crew.

Since I had a bunch of trouble before when using that combo, I’m going to be a lot more cautious about the base types I choose when using that style. Right now with my Super Dragon attack, unless I fuck up badly, I can usually get three stars. A good reason for that is that I’m good at funneling the troops, identifying which bases are vulnerable to it and taking out key structures with my Lightning spells that make the rest of the attack pretty easy. So I need to figure out a similar situation for Ice Golem – Witches to work.

I’ll definitely be doing that once I get a little further into the season. Since I just renewed my Super Dragons, I don’t feel an urgent need to switch over, especially because I need more Dark Elixir for another Royal Champion upgrade. But I would like to quickly begin the last Army Camp upgrade and Super Dragons do not help in that cause because of their high Elixir cost.

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