Lost Ark: Last 50 For Now

I made a little last minute push a day before the reset day in taking my Deathblade and spending some gold to get her through the North Vern/Shunshire quests. I finished East Luterra and figured there wasn’t any point in questing further, determining that it’s better to just have another Lopang farmer available rather than spending a few more wasted days debating whether or not to move her up. So I’ll probably have her join the guild starting from Thursday just to get a full week in and then do my usual ilvl 460 honing route. After that, I’ll keep her doing Lopangs until I can get my Paladin into Yorn.

Speaking of Yorn, I figured in saving all that time from going through Tortoyk, etc. on my Deathblade, I decided to use up my spare time getting my Glavier through the rest of Yorn. It’s not hard just tedious with two very sucky fights. But one of the nice things about questing through Yorn is that they give you small bits of honing materials along the way. So with all the Bloodstones I’ve been getting from my contributions (Do Your Guild Weeklies!), I bought out a few more things here and there as well as crystals from the guild merchant ship. That put me over the top quite nicely and trivialized the two last boss fights in Yorn’s two dungeons. From there, I’m already in tier 2 of Yorn’s Chaos Dungeon so that’s not a bad bit of progress for one day.

One thing that I noticed was that today’s event had included a Pirate ship fight. Because I don’t have any high end characters capable of doing the hardest pirate ship, I sent in my Gunlancer to see if I could smash it. Pretty much I was with a smaller group that were in the same boat as me except that I wanted my Gunlancer to try and get the honing materials (although I think some are tradable). The fight was an absolute disaster and I figure that most people probably had finished it the moment the first one came out after reset day. It’s a pain in the ass to get to being in the dead waters and the fight is really annoying unless (I’m guessing) you have a group of 30. At one point, I thought we managed to get the boss down but the health bar barely moved. It almost felt as though it went back up and after dying a number of times, I gave up. All I could think of was how SmileGate just used all the anti-patterns Blizzard did in creating these world boss type of gates with ilvls, lock outs and even worse making them only a certain times a day with just one chance to do it on one of your characters. After all that I felt like I wasted my time and even with my tier 2 Gunlancer, I was above the ilvl. But since these idiots at SmileGate have no idea how to scale their fights, you’re just fucked unless you go in with a large group by luck. I might eventually try it again but if I do, it’ll only be from my Artillerist or Sorceress and as early as possible. If I see only 1-2 ships outside, I’m going to forget it.

Speaking of my Gunlancer, he’s only two pieces of gear away from starting Punika. I really would like for him to get through Punika so that I have three 1302+ ilvl characters there. I’m using up all those tailoring books just to improve his chances. Hopefully, he’ll be able to complete it tomorrow. If not then the following day. But it might be a little painful for certain fights on my Gunlancer especially in the last dungeon and the fight with the stupid clown.

My Paladin is getting closer to finishing up Rohendel. However, I don’t know if I want to repeat Yorn again just after going through it on my Glavier so soon. Maybe the only part that might sound appealing is getting into tier 2 gear on him. I’m already saving up some accessories but probably won’t push too hard at the moment so that I can push my Gunlancer harder.

Today, I did nothing with my Scrapper, Berserker nor Shadowhunter except guild related business and dailies. I need to figure out a schedule where I can start alternating between my alts when it comes to end game content. I think for certain quick dailies like Lopangs and Feitons can be done. But for stuff that takes more time like Guardian Raids, Chaos Dungeons, etc. where rest bonus makes a difference, I think I should at least split up half to keep my sanity. Same thing with guilt related content like logging or mining.

From tomorrow though, I am looking forward to starting on my Deathblade with her dailies and Chaos Dungeons. Towards the end, she felt so much better to play. But I’m still missing a few skills here and there along with her Awakening abilities. But I did purchase the last 3 Remaining Energy class engravings so she can start using that side. I think you don’t need anything beyond level 1 and I already have Super Charge. I might try to boost Super Charge up a little more too. But it should be fun playing her in Chaos Dungeons.


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