Clash of Clans: New Season, Ugly Grand Warden Outfit

The new season started tonight and the first half looks fairly trivial. The only real annoying part of this part of the season is being forced to destroy 10 Versus Builder Halls for a meager 100 challenge points. Luckily, both accounts have maxed out Siege Machines, Cannon Carts, max number of Boxer Giants and decent Bombers to help out a bit.

Already, on my main account, I’ve leveled up my Archer Queen to 67. I’m hoping to get at least one more level this season for her with the rest of the Dark Elixir going to my Royal Champion and pushing her to level 10. The rest of my Heroes will have to wait. With all the gold on that account, I already spent most of it on upgrading one of the Scattershots and another Elixir storage. So that leaves just one Elixir storage left, which I will desperately need in the near term so that I can have enough space for another Army Camp upgrade. I did manage to start one Army Camp upgrade but it’s not going to make a difference for a while (roughly 2 weeks to be precise). However, I did notice that the Book of Building is an early prize from the Season rewards so I’m going to patiently strive towards that and use it the moment I start my 2nd Army Camp upgrade. Otherwise, this is just going to be a sit and wait situation since all my Builders are pretty busy.

My secondary account only had one Builder available. So I used the bulk of my previous season’s resources to upgrade Walls. A shame that I didn’t have any more available Builders but the important buildings are complete at that Town Hall level. The only ones that I need to push a bit are my Barracks just to ensure that I can train Yetis as fast as I can. Also, I picked up a Book of Heroes so that I could upgrade my Archer Queen on that account to level 58. My goal for this season on this account is to get her to level 65 then switch back to my Grand Warden and get him to 25.

The Grand Warden is just so important I realize. I botched a fight where my army got crushed. A huge part was simply not having a Grand Warden with his damage immunity buff and increased life. I know when my Barbarian King and Grand Warden are complete, they should be able to take down that type of base. I think my army could have taken down that base if the stupid dragons didn’t fly off to the left and just let their comrades rot to the Town Hall Giga Tesla and single target Inferno Towers.

I’m still pretty miffed about the Clan Capital rewards showing up as part of the season pass. It feels like such a huge waste at this stage until I can get my Clan leveled up to 2. But that’s going to be months away so I won’t be able to see any progress for a while. Hopefully, by the time I can use my Clan Capital, I’ll have these rewards stacked up. But I still think they should’ve made the Clan Capital accessible at level 1. I don’t care that they want to socially engineer the game in this manner; I still refuse to recruit anyone at this point just because everyone knows what an evil game this can be.

Either way, I’m hoping that by the end of the month, my main account will have all four Army Camps upgraded to the max. I really would like to play a different composition beyond Super Dragons and hope that I can at least run two different armies depending on my resource needs.

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