Clash of Clans: Preparing For Next Season

Tonight will start the new season for Clash of Clans. I saw that the next skin will be a Hulk Hogan type of beach bum skin for the Grand Warden. While I’m not all that excited for it, I am excited to get into a new season soon so that I can start getting more books and whatnot. But these past few days provided a few key items from the store which I got for my main account.

The main thing I managed was finishing up my Workshop for my main account. With that complete, I can begin creating siege machines once again especially the Log Launcher. Since I have another day or so of the Super Dragons, I decided to hold off from using the Log Launcher especially because I’m working on a level 2 in my Laboratory. I’ve kept two Builders on my main account free and believe I should have one more later tonight so that when the massive loot dump happens, I’ll be prepared. Also, I have a Book of Heroes waiting to be used, which will go to my Archer Queen to get her to level 67. Most likely, I’ll be just working on her and the Royal Champion for this coming season on my main account so that I can get them to level 70 and 10 respectively.

My Town Hall also had started the level 3 Giga Interno. I believe I used up my Gold Rune for that and my Clan Castle was finished with a Book of Everything that I acquired from the shop. At the moment at least, I’m going for 5 Balloons and 1 Dragon in my Clan Castle, although I am tempted to switch over to 2 Dragons and see if that will make my battles any better. Alternatively, I could do a Super Dragon + 1 Balloon. The Super Dragon would be pretty nice because it would be fresh and have tons of hit points and can do lots of damage. But that would mean anytime I use this combination I would need one account boosted, which just eats into my Dark Elixir.

When the season ends, I think I’m going to immediately put one Builder on an Army Camp for my main account. If I have additional resources, I would like to start two Army Camps. That way, in two weeks (which is ridiculous), I’ll have +10 slots for my Army. All my Elixir will be going either to Army Camps or my Log Launcher in the near future. The Grand Warden at this point is to valuable to upgrade and Elixir is going to be scarce until I can start converting my army towards Dark Elixir.

The Dark Elixir army composition I’m looking at is probably Ice Golems and Witches to start. The reason here is that my Witches are maxed out and my Ice Golems are maxed out for the Town Hall level. Both accounts are parallel in this regard. I’ve had a lot of problems in the past with this combination and I feel its partly due to not having access to a Log Launcher. This time around I want to try this combination especially because not only do I have the Log Launcher, I’ll have Yetis on both sides for my Clan Castle troops as well as both accounts having similar army levels. But I’ve noticed that some people use a single Valkyrie for the Clan Castle troop on top of two Yetis and a Barbarian. My Valkyries are underleveled but I think they should do fine for the time being as long as I’m avoiding really high end bases.

Looking forward on my TH13 account, I think once my Army Camps are fully upgraded, if I use my Super Dragon composition, I can either supplement it with two Baby Dragons or another Dragon. I don’t want more Super Dragons because too many Dragons tend to bog things down a bit. I’m already using about 8 Balloons and I could go for another 4. But I think there’s no real point in having more of those. The two Baby Dragons would help with funneling. Usually, I start off my attacks (after nuking Air Defenses and Air Sweepers) by placing the Barbarian King on one side and the Archer Queen on the other. If there’s just storage type of buildings, I’ll have my Barbarian King handle those. In areas with bigger defenses like Wizard Towers that are protected behind thick walls, my Archer Queen will go on that side. Then on their flanks, I’ll put a single Dragon on both sides. That generally creates enough of a funnel where I’ll wait a bit as the two sections get chewed up, burst my King and Queen’s abilities then place the rest of my army down, awaiting the Eagle Artillery to launch its first attack against the main troops. If that happens, I’ll initiate the Grand Warden’s ability so that the army takes less damage as they enter the base and wait until they get into the core to plop down a Freeze spell on the Town Hall and things like Inferno Towers so that my troops can survive that part and take the Town Hall down.

So with say Baby Dragons, I could use them on the back side if there’s more buildings. In that situation, they might make for a good later stage assault along with my Royal Champion for clean up. Alternatively, I could use them with the King and Queen early on to help with the funnel then save the two Dragons to move through the base. Or if there’s too many buildings on the left and right side, I could try sending the Baby Dragons to help with the funneling early on. But I’m excited to see how this strategy could play out.

With just one more Dragon, I could send him later or higher on one side of the funnel just to get rid of more buildings. The Super Dragons tend to cover enough of an area that I don’t really need the extra Dragon accompanying them. And there’s no point clumping up Dragons because that simply makes them easier targets for splash damage type of defenses. That’s why I’m leaning more towards the Baby Dragons, but it will force me to allot Elixir sooner than later to upgrade my Baby Dragons again.

As for the gold I’m getting tonight, most likely, I’ll have to wait a bit to use it. If I had a 4th Builder available, I’d probably upgrade one of the Scattershots just to get it done. I’ve already started the Eagle Artillery upgrade. So stuff like the Inferno Towers are the really expensive ones that will come at a later time. But I’ll eventually need to also begin to upgrade more of my storage units. So far I’ve only been working on two Elixir storage units. Since I still have the 20% Builder Bonus from the season pass, I don’t have to worry too much at this stage for the cost. But once this season ends, the costs are going to hit me hard until I can climb my way back up.

My secondary account is in a pretty good position. I think almost all the X-Bows are now upgraded while I’m beginning to upgrade Wizard Towers. I’m slowly getting the last Inferno Tower upgraded and will eventually start working on two more Air Defenses. But the challenge is finding a good spot to upgrade my Heroes. I’ve left my Archer Queen open since she’s invaluable. Both my Barbarian King and Grand Warden are down for a few days and I don’t have any Book of Heroes to pop onto my Archer Queen (although I can buy one from the shop). Also, I’m working on getting my Stone Slammer to level 2. I’ll probably continue to push the Stone Slammer on that account until my main account gets the Log Launcher up to max because my secondary account won’t get to TH13 for a while. I should also upgrade my Yetis so I can begin doing ground attacks with them and so they can survive for a bit in using them as Clan Castle troops I send to my main account. But that aspect is in a queue of a bunch of other critical troops.

One cool thing that may happen once this season starts is getting the trophy gem award for my Builder Base victories. That will provide a sweet 1k gems on my secondary account. I might save those gems because I previewed the cost to complete my two heroes and it didn’t seem worth it. Instead, I’ll probably save them up for a Book down the road.

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