Lost Ark: Short Session Today

For some reason I was completely wiped out today. Woke up late, felt terrible, my concentration was all over the map. So I didn’t do much on Lost Ark except what I got accomplished felt significant to me: Rohendel.

Today was the first time I tried Punika at tier 4 for the Chaos Dungeon. Wasn’t that bad. No really great rewards coming out of it but my Artillerist continues to become more entertaining now that I’m getting used to his special ability. He no longer feels as though there’s as much down time between abilities because I’ll pop off his the turret thing anytime he busts open the rare/elite mob crystal. Also, when I did Lagoon Island today on my Sorceress, I managed to acquire the epic Wealth skill rune. So now I have a grand total of three Wealth skill runes that I’m running on my Artillerist. You can definitely feel the difference in being able to switch into the turret faster because of how much more he can acquire his specialization meter.

Also, I got my Berserker to ilvl 460 (or so). So he’s all ready for Rohendel. I did spend 1k gold for the Knowledge Transfer of my Paladin after finishing up Rohendel on my Glavier. I’m sure I could’ve done it all again and it did hurt but my Paladin is at a weird state since he’s around ilvl 553 and just sitting around doing Lopangs and North Vern Chaos Dungeons. The little boost might make the Chaos Dungeon runs seem much more interesting to say the least.

In addition, I did push my Glavier into the beginning of Yorn. Because I just had finished up Yorn on my Gunslinger, I decided to take a break from it. But I’m sure I can finish it up pretty quickly on her. The Rohendel story was super easy on my Glavier this time around. At one point, I probably could’ve just skipped Rohendel altogether but I felt completing it was a better investment since I still have three Tier 1 or less alts remaining.

Another little thing I did was Alteisen Island. I was frustrated that no one bothered showing up for the Field Boss in Feiton and figured that with my ilvl, the best thing I could do would be Sol Grande since an Island Soul drops from him. Of course, it did not drop for me but I figure this might be the best Field Boss for me to farm as the rest are too high ilvl for me. In addition, there was a few Roster wide quests that I completed for some High Seas Sailing chest, which was a nice addition and I managed to acquire some Tier 2 honing mats and accessories. The accessories went straight into dismantling but the amount of crystals wasn’t bad. So I might continue doing this boss as long as I have alts in Tier 2.

A few smaller accomplishments were working on some Guild quests. Mostly, I’m doing the fishing stuff because those are easy and I need them regardless for the materials to make Caldarr Fusion Materials. One of my things when I do Yorn is use the little fishing area right by the funeral in the starting zone to level up my fishing and get more Carp for the fusion materials. Since one of the guild quests is for fishing, it’s a convenient double win.

I was thinking of progressing my Deathblade tonight but there was a PPV so I ended up watching that. Also, I took a late night nap because I got really tired after that PPV went on forever. I might get back on the game but I feel worthless right now because I did almost nothing today and it’s pretty late with my sleep schedule in the gutter.


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