Lost Ark: Rohendel Once Again

Lots of stuff for today’s Lost Ark’s session. But it started to get on my nerves a bit towards the end. I did make overall decent progress but at the same time the feeling of burn out is starting to set in. Probably, the two biggest achievements today were reaching ilvl 1355 on my Artillerist while my Glavier finally is making her way through Rohendel.

I didn’t have much luck when it came to the Gold Shop gamble today. I only for maybe 2-3k gold with two small 100g bars. My honing session with my Artillerist practically ate up the bulk of my earnings. Also, now that I’m progressing more alts higher, the gold cost is starting to way on me. But I do consider the honing session on my Artillerist an investment as the ilvl 1355 push allows him to do tier 4 Punika Chaos Dungeons finally. However, I’m soon going to be block on progressing without either doing Abyss Dungeons and Argos raids as well as Boss Rushes, etc. which means either I start grouping or work more on horizontal progression.

Also, I’m halting progression on more of my high ilvl characters because of cost and wanting to avoid disappointment. I’m thinking that I might either take a break from pushing for a small period while getting rested bonus and just working on simpler stuff like Lopang Dailies and alts in Yorn. That way, I can wait another week before trying to grab more gold for working on progression elsewhere. Overall, I feel if I’m not going to make significant progression and just repeating a routine, a game no longer becomes enjoyable.

In a similar fashion, I didn’t work on my Scrapper. I just felt too burnt out playing her. So I’m thinking with a lot of my Tier 2 people, I’m just going to give them a day off tomorrow and focus on my Artillerist, Sorceress, Glavier, Berserker, Paladin and Deathblade.

As I mentioned, the biggest push forward besides my Artillerist was my Glavier today. I moved her into Rohendel and got her into Xeneela Ruins. Originally, my plan was to get her to the dungeon that’s there but I ended up stopping from hunger and general weariness. But I figure tomorrow I’ll finish the dungeon there up and then the last bit. That will allow me to move into Yorn which I probably should do even though I had completed it on my Gunslinger recently. But I think she’s already fairly prepared to get through that area.

For my Paladin and Berserker, they’re in a strange state. I have to figure out whether I want to pay to have them get through Rohendel or actually go through the story line. I think my Paladin will be more than capable but my Berserker will need a few more honing sessions to get him to ilvl 460 at least. So all my spare mats will be spread between them (probably more for Berserker since he’s easier to hone). I might just do a quick session on them with nothing but Chaos Dungeons and dailies. Then after finishing up Rohendel on my Glavier, take a look to see how much it cost to move one alt through and figure out how many I can do since I still have three alts under Rohendel left.

I could also push my Deathblade through the Knowledge Transfer. I bought the rare class engraving books from the vendor from Anguish Isle and I think if I can complete East Luterra I might be able to get a few more. Then whatever remains missing, I’ll just buy from the auction house. After that I should be good to go to do a Knowledge Transfer. Part of me still wants to get through Anika and Tortoyk again because I won’t be able to do it for a while unless I buy another slot. On the other hand, I’ll be missing one less farmer in the meantime. I think if this was a funner class then I might be more inclined to run Anika, etc. but it’s just time commitment. But gold is scarce for me at the moment so I have to consider that as well. Heck that argument almost persuades me to run my Berserker and Paladin through Rohendel as well.

Either way, that feeling of slowing down and losing excitement is starting to take over. There are other goals I have like helping to continue contributing to the guild as well as doing horizontal content. But pushing vertically really has less and less importance by the day.


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