Lost Ark: Late Start Today

For some reason I was extra tired today. I had some things to do early on which prevented me from hopping on and I ended up missing all the events. That said, I didn’t want to pressure myself into playing if I didn’t want to play. Probably, the only thing I missed out on was the Adventure Island for some Pirate Coins so not a huge loss. Also, I was more focused on finishing up the tier 2 rewards for my Clash of Clans Clan Games event which ends tonight.

Starting off on my Artillerist, the main accomplishment there was finishing up the Whispering Islet reputation for the +3 skill point potion. Matter of fact, I would say that my Artillerist had the biggest benefit because I was able to push my Gravity Explosion to three tripods in his Chaos Dungeon spec. Probably, Gravity Explosion is one of my most favorite abilities for an Artillerist so having that extra damage has shown a significant damage increase. Also, with that complete, I’m going to need to determine a new daily to replace the Whispering Islet one. I might start doing Anguish Isle just because the rewards there are pretty good or perhaps Shadowmoon Market. Lastly, I’m thinking I might perform a big honing session for my Artillerist tomorrow, depending on how much gold I manage to receive. If I can get a reasonable amount, I will make an attempt to get him to ilvl 1355 so he can start doing tier 4 Punika Chaos Dungeons. Eventually, I would like to get him to ilvl 1370 just to see how much other content he can do and maybe even farm Tier 3 Raids solo.

My Sorceress is inching her way up through getting better accessories and more Tripods for her gear. However, I’m very much limited on honing upgrades just because my gold has been low. Tomorrow though, I will be getting my weekly gold from the Una’s tasks and that’ll help a great deal. In addition, I’ve been farming Chromanium on my Sorceress to help my Glavier out with her honing materials. I might eventually switch to Flame Fox Yoho because the rewards are better there instead.

For my Gunlancer, I pretty much got a little fed up and opened up some Guardian Stones just to push the last little bit so he can do the final Chaos Dungeon level in Feiton. Of course, going from 1080 to 1100 is going to be a nightmare too but at least the rewards will be at the best level for him.

My Shadowhunter is also moving up slowly. I think the chicken event has two more weeks to go and the plan is to buy up those tailoring books and honing mats for boosting my alts’ chances up before the event ends. With my Gunlancer at 1080, I feel less inclined to pushing him as fast whereas my Shadowhunter will probably be in that position soon.

Both my Scrapper and Gunslinger are very close to each other in ilvl. I know my Gunslinger hit above ilvl 900 and I had to spend a bit to upgrade her potions. Also, I figured out an issue on my Scrapper that was a huge problem before where I had been using a tier 1 Ability Stone. So her health was far below where it should’ve been. Also, in replacing that stone, I managed to craft Heavy Armor which should help some of her core issues in Chaos Dungeons in being flung around by elites.

Just before doing anything significant on my Berserker, I spent a little to get him to ilvl 420 just so he can start doing the highest North Vern Chaos Dungeons possible. A lot of work still needs to be done but he’s getting better gear all the time. Once he hits ilvl 460, I’ll probably have him chill out and convert him into a Lopang farmer for a while until I can complete another Rohendel run.

Finally, we get to my Glavier, who sits with two more pieces of gear before hitting ilvl 600. I’m using the low level tailoring stuff to help her chances. Originally, I was in a foul mood where I swore that if nothing got upgraded, I would just have her start doing Rohendel. But as everything got upgraded and only requires two more pieces, I decided to wait out another day because she should be able to slaughter Rohendel with ilvl 802+ gear. Also, all the Bloodstones she’s accumulating daily can still go to her initial Tier 2 mats to give her a head start even into Yorn.

Overall, not a bad day just going through the motions. I played my Deathblade last night and got her to Wavestrand Port. Originally, I thought about playing her a bit more tonight to get her possibly into Tortoyk. However, I ended up having dinner and got a little tired so I’ll probably save that for this weekend. A lot of what will happen to my Deathblade in the next day depends on my luck with the Gold Shop. I’m really hoping to get a big gold bar so I can have more than a few thousand gold. Like getting 10k gold would be nice and allow me more honing options as well as rushing a few of my lower characters forward into Tier 2. I’m thinking, for instance, if I can get one of those 10k+ gold bars, I’ll push my Glavier through Rohendel then get my Berserker to ilvl 460 and pay for him and my Paladin to bypass Rohendel. That would leave my Deathblade. At that point, I could buy up the remaining blue/rare class engraving books for Remaining Energy and then finish her off through Knowledge Transfer. Depending on how many characters can do Knowledge Transfers through Rohendel after my Glavier finishes with it, theoretically, I could get my last three people into Tier 2 in a week or so. Then all my people will be in Yorn or above.

Eventually, what I’d like to do is get everyone into Punika so I can split my days up between 6/5 where I use one half for my typical routine and the other half getting rested bonuses for Chaos Dungeons. Then I can designate a chunk of my characters into pure Lopang farmers. My only lame character would be my Deadeye. But again depending on how many Knowledge Transfers I can do after my Glavier, I might eventually just pay so he can skip Shunshire and finally move on. And if I really want to do a pure 6/6, I could always spend a little for one more character slot, which might end up going to a Destroyer. And with my time running short on my Crystalline Aura, I might just go for the Explorer Starter pack.

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