Clash of Clans: Last Day for Clan Games of the Season

Since we have the Clan Capital now, I felt more motivated in pushing the last few days of the season in terms of Clan Games just because the perks for having a higher level clan seem worth it, especially with the required level 2 Clan for being able to go to the Clan Capital. Unfortunately, the journey for my tiny Clan is sluggish because of having only two accounts which means stuff like Wars aren’t in the cards.

With this last day push, I’m doing a few big pointer challenges in the Clan Games. They do require quite a bit of waiting though because I have to reload my troops, which at the time is Super Dragons, so doing anything in multiplayer for me tends to be painful.

On the bright side, a few things did finish up recently, allowing me to upgrade a few key things here and there. My main account saw its first Elixir Storage getting an upgrade while the Town Hall’s Giga Inferno is being upgraded to level 2. Also, my Siege Barracks finished up level 2 the other day and I had plenty of spare Elixir, which I used to start upgrading my Dragons to level 8. That probably will be one of the best upgrades for this level as I plan to continue using Super Dragons until I can get my Workshop completed so that I may begin using the Log Launcher. The downside is that I won’t see the upgrade until two weeks unless a Book of Fighting becomes available.

My secondary account finished up all the Storage upgrades for Town Hall 12. So I will be able to start using Runes for resources without worrying about lost potential. Also, my 2nd X-Bow finished up, allowing me to start a 2nd Air Defense unit. From there I bought a Book of Heroes and upgraded my Archer Queen to level 57 and started a Stone Slammer upgrade to level 2 as my Ice Golems got done. I’m really anticipating the completion of my Workshop on my main account so that I can start using Log Launchers asap. While I’ve seen Wall Wreckers used instead of Log Launchers for Ice Golem + Witch attacks, I really feel that Log Launchers are probably better for this combination just because they not only pulverize walls but also make short work of other defenses along the way. Usually, when I run Ice Golems + Witches, I’ve been nailed hard because the Walls end up being too strong and my troops just can’t get through enough of the core to hit the Town Hall. In the end, I only end up with a single star.

Part of that also might be from using Giants and a PEKKA inside the siege machine whereas the better troops are Yetis and either a Wizard (for Tall Hall 12) or a Valkyrie + Barbarian. But my secondary account is working on one Barracks just to enable Yetis. Eventually, I finish upgrading the other Barracks so that I can fully employ some form of a Yeti army. At least for now, I just want to use them in my Clan Castle.

One kinda cool thing on my secondary account is that I’m close to getting level 16 Boxer Giants. That is a significant level because it’ll add on more Boxer per Army Camp in my Builder Base. I’m still going to do whatever is necessary to max them out but that won’t happen in the near future. If anything it’ll make my attacks feel more tanky. Also, I’ll try to upgrade my Bombers there since they are a good tool to have against many bases. I think the combined effect should make next season’s pass much more fun.

Lastly, I bought a Builder Potion on my main account. I think one of my Scattershots is about 1 day and 15 hours from the time of writing this post from completing. And that’s the soonest available Builder for that account. I think once that defense completes, I’m going to try upgrading the Eagle Artillery as I have one spare Gold Rune. It’s either that or I start upgrading another Elixir storage.

I will say that this season was fun but my main account is becoming painful to play because of the huge time gap for upgrades. 2 weeks on average implies that in a best case scenario without any runes nor books for instant completes, you’re looking at 12 building upgrades and two Laboratory upgrades per season. And with seasons generally giving 1-2 Book of Heroes, a Book of Spells, Book of Fighting and a Book of Building, you might see a few more along the way. And the stuff I want the most (besides the Workshop) are my Army Camps, which I haven’t started and my Clan Castle, which has started but I’ve pretty much thrown into a corner and will be waiting for a little under two weeks. I know for sure that any Book of Building will go towards the Army Camps because I’m very offensively minded while a Book of Fighting will be used on one of the Siege Weapons. But I think in two months my main account is going to be a blast to play.

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