Lost Ark: Bart Simpson the Director!

Ugh, today was a bit of a slump. Usually, the day before reset tends to feel a bit more sluggish. At least with the reset day, the main thing I look forward to the most is resetting my dailies because of how I’m after gold. But for whatever reason today just felt off. I was tired and hungry so my mind just wasn’t with it even though I wanted to push hard. Then I got onto my Gunslinger and did a Chaos Dungeon, got mad at myself thinking that I screwed up because it wasn’t the Yorn Chaos Dungeon, went back to check that I hadn’t completed the Final Report quest believing I did only to remember that I had paid on my Scrapper for completion rather than my Gunslinger. Folks, this is why a good night’s rest and not playing on an empty stomach can alter the way you perform, especially if your short term memory is gone.

Continuing with the Gunslinger, I picked up the rest of her gear, including sending some accessories via my Scrapper to her. It cost me some Pheons, which is one of the dumbest things around since I could purchase the same items off the Auction House without the “tax” penalty. Stuff like this makes me wish I could grab the director by the neck and punch his crooked teeth in. Either way, I’m glad my Gunslinger at least is ready to go for Yorn. I might do some of the quests later before the servers go into maintenance mode.

Berserker is in tier 3 difficulty. I think it’ll take another day or so to get him into the final North Vern level. Still, I haven’t truly experienced the whole “HP anxiety” issue but I can see how more difficult Chaos Dungeons might cause problems as a result of his animation locking.

My Scrapper makes slow progress in Yorn Chaos Dungeons. But I’m finally figuring out what exactly to do with her. I think the designers wanted the whole Taijutsu thing to be more like a rhythmic exercise on your keyboard but the UX people are so god awful in SmileGate that it’s just a mess. I am getting better though overall, although I tend to slip up here and there.

One thing I tragically discovered is that you cannot transfer your tripods to another item when doing a gear transfer. This really is a dumb concept. There should be a way to move your hard earned Tripods over once you have them. I mean, what’s the logic in this? If you can move over your +15 honing progress, why not your tripods? Do the designers just not think? Or are they strictly a bunch of dumb shit stinky explotative assholes like I believe they are?

My Gunlancer did not improve at all and it was a huge cue for me to stop my second session. I was so pissed that nothing got upgraded and it just felt like a horrible waste of time. The only things that upgraded were skill with him and my temper towards SmileGate.

I’ve pretty much halted vertical progress on my Sorceress and Artillerist. The only way I can progress them at this point is by getting better gems and Tripods. Otherwise, I have to wait every week to get a significant amount of gold to invest in honing. It’s really a terrible deal.

The other thing I did was Harmony Island for the Adventure Island daily. I can’t remember if I ever did it before but it had Pirate Coins so I figured it was worth it. Along the way, I had to pick up the quest on my Sorceress as she apparently did not do the quest and lacked the song necessary to participate. I feel as though I did this at least once on my Artillerist. If I did then it sucks not being able to share that song across the roster. But then again the whole roster wide thing is just becoming dumber and dumber to me. That “feature” might end up killing the game in the long run for all but the 100 or so people who might end up remaining once the system itself ends up turning off the bulk of the player base.

I didn’t want to play that long today although I hope to either level up my Deathblade to get some progression in or push my Gunslinger through Yorn. But I needed some time to calm down after that hideous honing session on my Gunlancer. Besides the Una Task coin reset, the other major thing I’m looking forward to resetting is the chicken island rewards. I’m in pretty bad need of those tailoring books right now along with other honing mats. But with all the dailies I’ve done, I think I have almost 3k worth of the event coins. So I might go back and farm the chicken a bit if I run out from the buying out the shop again.



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