Too Much Sleeping Lately

With my sleep schedule being screwed up again, I find myself sleeping too much as if my body tries to compensate with the outside growing dark early. The hard part is that my mind has been to scattered as of late to be able to get myself into disciplined towards being productive in a single area.

I’ve been trying to finish up Eye of the World but I honestly find that the writing style is slow and drags on. There’s a lot of little details that feel unnecessary outside of excess world building. But in the end, I can’t say if it’ll matter because it comes and goes frequently. I wouldn’t mind this aspect if either the details seemed pertinent in some manner or the style was more artful.

Been researching RVs lately. Not for buying one but just on how they function since I use one in my story quite heavily. There’s this incessant question in the back of my head about RVs on how one could achieve independence with the right equipment and configuration. So far I’ve learned a lot such as how the water tank works, cleaning the septic tank, solar power configurations, etc. So I think I have a pretty good idea how it would function in a fantasy environment.

Also, I saw an interesting article in the news that talked about gamma rays. Since I was reminded of the Hulk, I decided to read more about gamma rays, leading me to quasars. The topic is quite fascinating because it’s all high energy particle physics at work as well as describing how the universe functions.

The net result for me is that I have my own theory of how the universe operates which might influence my story. Haven’t really pieced in how they might interoperate but I always enjoy mixing fantasy with sci-fi. I feel that the inexplicable can be explained in a different light.

Over at Boom Beach, nothing really special today. Started up a level 12 Boom Cannon on my main account and nothing on my secondary. I’m merely waiting for tomorrow to get more resources from Imitation Game day. Maybe by the end of this weekend, I’ll be able to take my Boom Cannon to level 14-15 while my other account starts up a Machine Gun.

I did finally get passed the barrier of the 8 engine room starting point on my main account on Warships. I think it was plain luck that it happened just because I managed to farm up a base that had a poor layout. Unfortunately, the rewards were pretty abysmal and I doubt I can move much further at this stage just because I screwed up my tech tree from the beginning.

On Path of Exile, I finally managed to buy a Maloney’s Mechanism. Cost me 7ex from a Korean player, which I thought was a bargain. I linked it to a Frenzy skill gem with Onslaught and Culling Strike as support. Maybe my damage went up by a smidgen but I can’t see moving much further with this character beyond doing Uber Lab and getting a few better pieces along with Battle Scars for an annointment so that I can have Fortify.

I did respect a bit on this character to get rid of some useless mana nodes and get more dodge. Also, I ditched my Witch Fire Brew flask since I already have Despair in my Asenath’s Chant helmet. Instead, I picked up a Quartz Flask with Poison Removal. I think if could do Uber Lab and pick up the last Ascendancy points, I could ditch the Quicksilver’s Anti-Freeze property and go with something more useful.

Either way, I’m a bit sad that the work I put into acquiring a Maloney’s Mechanism feels empty at the end of the road. Part of the problem is that either enemies die too fast already or the bosses still take too long to kill compared to a dedicated boss killer.

That said, I just felt burnt out playing. I like this character, but it’s hard to stay motivated in this game. The low loot and lack of goals make it yawn inducing. I mean I could try to do more Conqueror stuff but I just find the whole reworked Atlas to be terrible. Before I had a purpose in just doing simple Atlas completion. Now, I feel that I have no purpose outside of boss fights that I really don’t enjoy.

Since tomorrow is the league start, I might and probably will just ditch it. I didn’t really care for what I saw and the idea of having even more boss fights sucks. It’s not the direction I wanted this game to go towards. But I think they’re just amping up the difficulty to have internal laughs at the idiots who try to make this game look major league.Found out more people are quitting my last company. Doesn’t surprise me. Don’t think that company has a good direction. Right now, it’s more of a rest and vest mode of operation. Sure, sales are still trying to keep it going but with everything more or less closed down, it’s going to be hard to justify.Mental health has been okay. The hard part is feeling satisfied. Too many unknowns and stress overall. The stress isn’t necessarily financially driven either. With all the reports of the increased infections in LA/California, it’s just become too scary to do anything outside of staying indoors.Also, with the weather being colder right now, anytime I feel an ache or a sniffle, I get paranoid. Unfortunately, I have bad allergies so it’s impossible to distinguish what could be a cold vs just dust or some reaction to food. I still haven’t forced myself to sit down and start plugging away at a new technical thing yet. I’m close but there’s just a few things I want to get out of my system before that. Try to clean up small things that are bugging me before mentally I’m capable of moving forward.

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