Too Many Political Discussions

I realized that I’ve been part of too many political discussions as of late. Despite writing about politics on my blog, I honestly prefer to avoid the subject altogether just because I find politicians overall to be obnoxious leeches whose soul purpose is to manipulate others to further their own secretive agendas. That said, I’m hoping that for the rest of today, I can avoid such conversations and thus feel more productive.

Started off this morning with another Boom Beach round. Managed to go through stage 7 of Dr T, which was reasonably easy. Messed up on my main account a few times where I lost a Bombadier on level 4. While I love Bombardiers in general, Dr T’s Volcano Island actually is better suited most of the time for Grenadiers just on the basis of larger terrain with more clustered buildings.

I did start on a Boom Cannon lvl 10 for my main. Figured the small upgrade would be worth it as I want to start pushing that to max level. Otherwise, I would require two more days before I probably would have enough resources for another upgrade like the Cannon or Mortar lvl 24.

On my secondary account, I’m still working on a Cannon lvl 23. But as I examined the possibilities of other upgrades for cheap, I noticed that my last Flamethrower was of a woefully low level. So probably tomorrow, I might upgrade it since it’s cheap and worth it at this stage.

Beyond that, I’ve been pretty obsessed with Game of War lately. Not the most intellectually stimulating game but it does a certain appeal for me. I joined a Guild that has been helpful with resources. So that part has been good.

Unfortunately, the reality is that this isn’t a good game. Too much pay-to-win and the amount required to do well is off the charts. I want to see how far I can get without paying then either stop or re-evaluate my position with the game.

I picked this game up a while back using my iPad. However, the resources required to play it along with overall slowness were awful on top of the pay-to-win mechanics and unmerciful PVP that constantly decimated my account. It practically turned me off from playing. And the only reason I’m trying it out again is straight boredom.

On the writing front, I’m going to make an attempt to finish up my novel today. I managed to get out 6 pages yesterday. I figure this chapter I’m working on stands a chance of being the last in the first book. It could end up being another 9 pages in comparison to how I wrote the last chapter the first time around. But we’ll see. I already know how things will wind up and have been getting better ideas to tie things up for this ending. So I’m hoping that the writing goes well today. Would be nice to take a break for a few days.

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