Puttering Here And There (Then Back Again)

Yesterday ended up being a strange day. I guess with all the politics in the news, it’s almost impossible to concentrate on much else. In the end, I started to get a headache, which forced me to sleep earlier than I would have liked. However, I wasn’t able to get much done anyway.

I pushed myself so hard into the night that I had almost no energy towards the evening. Part of the problem was not having any food. I procrastinated on cooking something, which ended up being grilled cheese sandwiches. Not exactly the best dinner but I wanted to use up my bread before Sunday.

This morning, I woke up with a minor headache and it might be growing. Could be partly induced by the overcast weather, another part from bad diet (again) and another from staring at my computer for long periods. Either way, it’s not fun and I’m pretty much under the covers.

However, my stomach is growling like crazy and I’m thinking that I might make breakfast just to start the day better. That probably will help my headache. Some eggs, fried cotto salami, toast. Doesn’t sound that bad actually. And coffee to keep me awake.

Tried to get some chores done last night. My place feels like a mess right now. Too many small things strewn around. I feel that as long as I am progressing slowly on my novel, my life ends up dangling over a cliff.

There was a Path of Exile announcement yesterday and I checked it out. To say the least, I wasn’t all that thrilled about it. There was talk about improvements to the Atlas. I saw just more garbage added. The new mechanic of boss fights on top of boss fights sounds horrific and more like Metamorph 2.0. The only real interest I had was seeing the reimplementation of Harvest. Not having to rebuild the farm is okay but the rest seems meh. Ultimately, I’m burning out fast on the game and the basics just aren’t enough to keep me interested anymore.

On the Boom Beach front, I managed to do stage 7 Imitation Game on both accounts. It was an ice heavy base so I felt pretty proud of being able to conquer it. Definitely, switching to bombardiers has been a huge boon since the damage is far more reliable.

In addition, the Trader was actually fortuitous this week in having a gold -> iron exchange. This was badly needed since Iron tends to be my weak point when it comes to resource hunting. As a result, I was able to get my Sniper Tower on my main account to max level and my 4th flamethrower on my secondary account to lvl 22. That leaves more options open this week for other potential upgrades with lucky boxes.

On top of that, my main account now is level 70 while my secondary started 69. It’s going to get a lot rougher on both accounts but I think switching to Bombardiers will help a lot. Grenadiers were a great stepping stone for a long time but so many new bases have Ice, high level Boom Cannons, etc. where the unreliable targeting and low damage from Grenadiers just aren’t enough anymore.

With my writing, it’s been a very slow grind. The distraction of the election results have put a big damper on my ability to concentrate. It gave me the right incentives and emotional response but my mind feels elsewhere. On top of that, my headache makes it hard to focus.

I might just go back to some reading today. Not that I’m out of ideas, but I don’t feel well and exerting creative processes tend to destroy what little energy I do have. Either that or I just need my morning coffee to make it through the rest of the day.

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