Just A Little More

Yesterday, I finished a major exercise in writing up much of the key points per chapter in my book summary document. What started as me trying to locate a section regarding a dream sequence that occurs twice ended up becoming me filling in the blanks for various chapters I had not yet summarized.

The end product was well worth it since I was able to review a lot of older material, see some glaring issues as well as have a better idea of what I need to do. So the small set back in time to finish actually felt productive.

Better yet, I unblocked myself towards the end of the night when it came to the current chapter. The problem of world building is ensuring consistency to details. So in addition to my plot summary document, I have another document that I use to take notes and refer back to whenever I run into a stump.

This morning I started off the day with using the remnants of my pork chops I cooked up with my Instant Pot a few nights ago. I had been craving a pork chop breakfast from this local grub spot. But the last time I ordered there, I ended up treating myself to a steak (along with pastrami sandwich). Nonetheless, the idea of pork chops for breakfast cemented itself into my mind so I finally decided to go with it as there was little left and I simply wanted to finish it off.

Also, I managed to destroy Dr T stage 7 on my main account today. It was a little sketchy but there weren’t too many defenses that I felt would prevent my Tank-Bombardier-Medic group from not handling the situation. That said, I ended up skipping stage 7 on my secondary account just because I didn’t feel like doing it.

I think for my main account I’m going to try and finish up the Machine Gun in getting it to 24 tomorrow. I was able to use my resource bases on my secondary account to get extra Iron for a level 20 Flamethrower. But I would be required to have another 1 million in Iron for my main. I didn’t want to take a gamble in using the stuff available on my main account just in case I was short.

If all goes well, by the end of the week, I should be able to push either the Sniper Tower or maybe even a Mortar level for my main account while I finish upgrading that 4th Flamethrower on my secondary account.

Speaking of my secondary account, I managed to complete Stage 7 of Hammerman Strikes Back day yesterday. It was worrisome without the Hot Pot and the last stage got tense. Nonetheless, I’m sure the boosting and Damage Amplifier helped.

On a side note, I’ve been trying Warships on my main account. I absolutely hate it. It’s like an even worse version of the Builder Base from Clash of Clans. I’m trying to push the first 8 Engine Room reward since I’m at 6 just to see if the game improves. But the match making is completely unfair and beyond frustrating. I honestly don’t see anything redeeming about the way that part of the game is built.

Flashback is over and I have zero desire to login at the moment to merge my stash stuff together. I honestly wish the whole Heist league would just end already so I can clean up my stashes. It’s draining just thinking about that game and upcoming announcement in a few days does not give me a lot of hope.

On the side, I got accidentally contacted by a former coworker. We had a nice discussion just catching up. Also, I had another interesting conversation with a different ex-coworker regarding human behavior. As I type, I saw some protests being broadcast on’s YouTube channel and it’s pretty disturbing what’s being said. Personally, I wish a civil war would occur just to get the bad blood out. But I would worry about the winners of that one.

I keep thinking how people wanted 2020 to end but that the year acts only as a number rather something functional. 2021 has not been kind thus far and if anything, the worst has yet to come. Maybe my only personal hope is that the real New Year, the transition from Rat to Ox, will improve the disposition of the world.

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