Last Day of Flashback But Who Cares

Flashback initially was a lot of fun but I simply burnt out at the end. The problem I found was that not enough players were doing Flashback to spice up the economy. So for my main build, I simply could not afford the items and ended up burning out early. I tried to keep my interest up by rerolling my witch from the normal Heist league as well as re-create a Ground Slam Champion, but I just lost interest over time.

I managed to take my Ground Slam Champion to act 10 but for one reason or another, I just lost interest in pushing him further. I think part of it was just looking towards Merc lab and the thought of doing some lame bosses again. The whole idea simply irritated me and killed my motivation as I honestly felt as though my life wasn’t progressing forward much.

Instead, I ended up goofing around on my standard league Toxic Rain Pathfinder. Sadly, I have more of a desire to play her than the Flashback league just because I feel like I’m not pushed into some corner just to complete the stupid atlas bosses. The only thing I’m missing from her is the ascendancy, although I really wish I could get a Maloney’s Mechanism just to try something different.

I might come back to Heist to finish up the two characters. I have no idea when it ends but I want to see how my progress in Flashback compliments what I’ve done in Heist. Maybe if I see that some of the lab trials are mostly done, I might give it another go. Also, I haven’t spent my Exalt currency and the Maloney’s is a LOT cheaper than in standard.

Beyond that, I have no idea what I want to do in Path of Exile. No one else in my guild is playing so at this rate, I might as well just play standard. The only thing I really want from Heist are alternate quality gems and some replica unique items. Beyond that, I really can’t wait until this league ends.

I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of pushing a witch carrion golem character. The cost is way too prohibitive and I’m nowhere near the gear for what is required. The only thing good about moving my Flashback characters to the parent Heist league is that I will be able to buy a few items for my Guardian that I couldn’t afford. So I might end up fucking around with him a little more just to see where I can get him.

Boom Beach had a reset of Tribes. The new tribe boosts are okay. The GBE one is great and the medic one is decent. I probably would have lost a bombardier earlier if it weren’t for that boost, so I think it was fortuitous. The other boost was a Critter Swarm reduction cost one. While not the greatest, Critters can be useful so I took it.

Already, I had completed a full Hammerman Strikes Back stage 7 and am waiting to do it on my secondary account. The last two stages were pretty brutal and I don’t think my secondary account will fare well. The key thing for my main account was having a Hot Pot still around which I linked to a Damage Amplifier.

I think my secondary account will get smashed though. Not having an extra two levels can be pretty bad, even when confronted with some of the combos for today. Definitely, the last stage will destroy my base but I’m waiting upon a Shock Blaster and Flamethrower to finish up.

One thing cool though was farming up a sweet 5 Diamonds from some dude with a bad troop combo. He couldn’t take me out but I realized that he simply just had a really bad combo. He used Heavies, Grenadiers and Zookas with Dr Kavan. It’s an interesting idea but Zookas don’t have the range of Bombardiers and are too fragile without some aid. Cryos would have been better here as well as one extra boat of medics.

From my cooking life, I made pork chops with the instant pot. I followed a recipe that nearly fucked my pot up because the idiot writing it said to put cheese WHILE pressure cooking. I didn’t realize what an awful idea that would be and the cheese melted at the bottom causing numerous Food Burn warnings.

While the pork chops were salvaged, I got severely pissed because of how hard it was to clean the bottom. I even let the pot cool down and it still gave another Food Burn warning. For the second pressure cooking moment I ended up just letting it ride. In the end, the meal was cooked but I had to look up how other people handle cheese. Turns out that adding cheese or thickening products generally is a bad idea because of what happened.

So I looked at the writer’s credentials and it said she went to some culinary institute. If that’s the case, why didn’t she know this? This was outright stupid. The article was poorly written as far as instructions are concerned and it showed me this person should not be trusted with instant pot recipes.

The ironic part is that I’m subscribed to the Instant Pot subreddit and I found one person who wanted to toss his Instant Pot. The complaint was that his food ended up rubbery or bad tasting. Some people claimed that the manufacturer’s recipes were generally bad and to find better ones on the internet. That said, I’m wondering if he found this woman’s recipe which caused him grief.

It did make me realize that finding a trustworthy source for recipes is definitely the key. That’s why I really like Jeffrey from Thus far, I haven’t had a really bad recipe from him. His instructions are very clear and easy to follow with video and images. Also, a lot of the food that he makes is pretty damn good.

On the writing front, I’m still trying to plow through this current chapter. This chapter has been on my mind for quite some time and the scene I’m writing is taking far longer than I had hoped. But it’s slowly getting there.

I feel that part of the problem with this chapter has been a combination of the holidays distraction, getting back into cooking (meaning taking time away from concentrating) and worrying about the Flashback league. With Flashback finishing up, I feel that the pressure of trying to do anything within a time boxed setting no longer will affect me subconsciously. So I can focus more on the writing itself.

There’s some other things I wish I could work on but I really just need to focus on writing again. Even reading feels out of the question just because I want to dedicate my focus on a single thing. I really am unable to divide my attention up which sucks.


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