Boom Beach: All Landing Craft Level 24!

Not quite as I just started to build the last LC 24 on my main account. But the accomplishment feels great!

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to hit LC 24 until Friday. I had some good luck with the trader as well as big iron catches from OPs that allowed me to fill up quicker than expected. Also, not getting hit for a few days practically let me save up a ton of materials. Finally, I was about 300k lower than what was needed for stone and used the supply ship to fill in the rest.

Right now, I’m not sure if I’ll utilize the full load out of an LC24 just yet. The most obvious usage would be all Scorchers. But I checked out a few videos and realized that it might very hard to pull off without sacrificing my non-GBE statues and going full boost each time.

The other load out I thought about trying was some sort of Mech + Bombardier combo. I chatted with someone else who used a similar combo with medics thrown in but found that the close range of the Mechs to obliterate the medics. Instead, the solution was to take out the medics in favor of another boat of Bombardiers.

Another possibility is to use Cryo + Heavies + Bombardiers + Medics. It’s a better long range version of the Zooka except slightly more GBE heavy with less troops but slightly more life. The Cryos and Heavies would make the best use of the extra space. Here, you probably just need 2 boats of Heavies and can toss 4 boats to Bombardiers. I imagine Rocket and Shock Launchers to be this combo’s worst enemy but you should have plenty of GBE to take these out.

Either way, I’m happy that’s done with. My secondary account also started a 6th LC24 and still has another LC23 and LC22 left. I believe the Mega Crab should be on for this weekend (haven’t seen the icon) which means I can push for at least one LC24 and possibly get that other LC to 23.

For my main, a lot of possibilities will open up. Pretty much my initial goal will be to upgrade a bunch of Iron Storage units. Since those are comparatively cheap, I want to save my Mega Crab and Imitation Game events for big defense upgrades. Namely, I’m looking at Rocket Launchers and Boom Cannons to start.

However, I might not strictly do one defense at a time. Also, I might not just focus on upgrading each resource storage type one by one. I find that strategy can become dull, especially after the monotony of upgrading nothing but LCs for weeks.

But the good thing is that nothing else cost the same amount of resources by comparison. That makes upgrading my defenses relatively a piece of cake without having to worry about obtaining iron all the time. There’s still a few defenses with high iron costs but nothing quite like an LC.

Something else I’ve been pondering. I might give the troop subscription a try. It’s not a huge cost but frankly I’m bored of my Grank-Med combo. I’ve spent such a huge effort trying to upgrade my LCs that I really want to get some mileage out of them. However, Grank-Med is just too reliable and I don’t know how to operate other troop combos.

The thing with Grank-Med is that you rarely lose troops. And unless you have a complete disaster, the most troops you’ll ever lose is 1-2. Most of my troop losses were by accident or stupidity.

Other combos that appear attractive on paper in reality are probably not that great. Like I was checking out an all Scorcher video with 16 Scorchers. The guy hit a bunch of heavily fortified bases and got obliterated. The problem there is that you just need too much GBE and don’t have a healing mechanism outside of medkits to get you out of rough spots.

However, the problem with Grank-Med is that despite being great in many cases, there’s stuff like stage 7 Dr T’s Island where they fail. Or perhaps later levels in Mega Crab where too many Boom Cannons, Shock Launchers and Doom Cannons make it tough take out without expending a few free attacks. In those cases, another combo might do the trick. But if you’re already boosted, then waiting for the reload might be too much.

The thing is that I would love to try some other combos for a while and not have to worry about reloads. I want to vary up my plan a bit especially now that most of my PVP opponents are from levels 65 and up. But in order to beat them, I need other troop combos.

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