Harvey Weinstein/Hollywood Thoughts

The hot topic in Hollywood is the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein getting removed from his own company as a result of sexual harassment charges covering over a decade (maybe even more). From this incident, much more of Hollywood’s dirty laundry has slowly been uncovered where other stars, directors, producers, etc. connected with Weinstein are either fessing up or becoming connected and complicit as part of these charges. Many women in Hollywood (as well as the more supportive men) are advocating changes within the industry specifically for this conduct but I feel that the issues are far deeper.


Will the Ad-Tech and Content Market Dry Up Soon?

It’s been a while since I looked at the stock numbers for the industry. I’ve got a few key companies on my list that I’ll check periodically (like once every 6 months when I’m bored) and with the talk of a possible new tech bubble burst, I think it was time to re-examine the performance of these companies. So what’s going to happen?


Boom Beach: New Hero Coming and Account Update

Haven’t written about Boom Beach for a while (nor kept this blog up to date due to work) but I saw a new update go out for the next Hero and felt it was time. First, I’ll dive into the Hero and give some thoughts then talk about where I am with this game.