World of Warcraft: 40+ Minute LFR Queues

I mentioned how I’ve switched from World of Warcraft to Starcraft 2. Between the two, I briefly went to Diablo 3 and cleared half of Act 3, becoming bored and almost falling asleep in the process. Part of the reason I stopped was that a friend of mine (actually the only remaining true friend I had on my sorry ass Saurfang realm) transferred off the server, practically leaving me by myself. So it really demotivated me further.

Then I tried once again to get into a Throne of Thunder LFR. Currently, I’m seeing 40+ minute queues on average at various times. This isn’t great and I’m not all that motivated in just hanging around while waiting for the queue to pop. Considering this is the first week of the new LFR wing, I’m quite surprised and disappointed in seeing such a horribly high time for the queue. I missed signing up on Tuesday so I cannot say if there were more when it came out.

My guess is that not many people have the necessary ilvl requirements to enter. Since it’s only been two weeks since patch 5.2 arrived with the increase in drop rate for LFR, it’s possible that the ilvl requirement might be too high for the vast majority of players. I still see reasonable times for the rest of the LFRs but you would think otherwise for a new major content piece.

The other possibility is that perhaps people are waiting a bit to do them. Since these are quite new, it’s entirely believable that people are waiting for a few guides to appear to prepare better. Or maybe waiting for people themselves to improve so that they avoid the initial wipe-a-thons that seem to accompany new raiding content.

At any rate, I truly hope that this trend does not continue. I think if there’s a perception that content is too difficult or a hassle, people gradually may gravitate away from it. Since we only have a few days worth of data, we can’t draw any conclusions as of yet.

For myself, this is pretty much the “wait and see” patch. I’m not terribly thrilled about the new island so far (too many mobs, too high respawn rates, etc.) so LFR is going to be my make-it-or-break-it point.

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