Diablo 3: Good Paragon Leveling Route

I know there’s a video on the most efficient route for focusing on pushing Paragon levels to the maximum in Diablo 3. While the calculated rate of XP is good, my main issue is that it seems to be designed primarily with the Whirlwind Barbarian build in mind. More than likely, you can come close with the correct spec for a given class. But my biggest issue is just getting bored running that route over and over.

So the route I recently decided to try was a Monster Power 0 route focused on Act 3 Inferno, starting with Siegebreaker. For the most part, I move in a linear path, clearing the entire thing from the bridge all the way to Azmodan. Lastly, I’ll swing back and clear the Keep levels 2 & 3 (similar to the popular run).

Now, some alterations that I do are picking up rares and doing some of the mini dungeons along the way. I do this because I also attempt to make gold along the way. Occasionally, an item worth something might drop, but most drops end up being garbage.

Some people will ask, “Well, that isn’t the best route!” I never stated that this is the best route for Paragon Leveling. I’m stating that it’s a good route. I prefer my methodology primarily because I can get bored just farming. Progressing in a linear fashion for me helps give me a little focus to stay on track. Also, since I’m not rich in the game, I need every drop. I might be slower than some people but I feel quite comfortable at this point.

I’ve done high monster powers on different acts but haven’t made an attempt to do this route with a high monster power. I was considering doing one level higher little by little to see the difference. Right now, the way my Demon Hunter is geared, I find Inferno at Monster Power 0 to be quite easy. I was attempting a full Act 1 -4 clear but decided to switch off in favor of gaining a few Paragon levels. However, I might try to see if Paragon leveling with this route is equally effective for his damage output.

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