Diablo 3: Items that Sell on the Auction House

In writing on the items that do not sell well on the Auction House, I wanted to present a separate article based on my own experience of what can sell on the Auction House in Diablo 3. For myself, I do not have a great deal of magic find gear and only play on Monster Power 1 most of the time (since I’ve started to work on Inferno only recently). As a result, I lack the advantage that others who have been playing persistently since the inception have in terms of gold and items.

Obviously, ilvl 63 rares with great stats, set items and legendaries have higher chances of making you great gold on the Auction House. But most items from Inferno tend to perform poorly and are better left for salvaging or vendering. Even legendaries and set items can have poor stats. For instance, I’ve found a 2-handed legendary crossbow that had miserable DPS. Thus far, I cannot get it to sell and may end up just salvaging it.

So with these items doing poorly, how can you make any money in the game? The answer may not be romantic and ideal but it is practical. I’ve found that lower level items from under 35 or so do fairly well. Now, we’re not looking at millions of gold (unless it’s something special like Leoric’s Signet), but I’m talking about rares with 4-6 reasonable stats. I’ve been able to sell those from 7500-25000+ on average. Usually, the items I sell are older items that I found while leveling up my toons and no longer have any use for them.

The reason why these items sell so well, imo, is that people with higher level toons and are leveling their alts more than likely will have a ridiculous amount of gold. So 10-25+k won’t matter a lot to them. They don’t want to spend the time farming low level items so 10-25k here and there doesn’t hurt. This is the same reason why Leoric’s Signet goes for a huge amount of gold (just go back to the World of Warcraft goblin saying of “Time is money, friend”).

Here’s another thing I’ve noticed about selling low level items for this range: they tend to sell really fast. I’ve had more difficulty trying to sell legendaries, 60s, set items, etc. compared to selling low level items. I always try to keep the maximum number of auctions up at all times. However, most items tend to just sit there. But lower level items priced in this manner tend to go reasonably quick.

Now, I’m not advocating farming normal mode for people with 60’s. What I’m saying is that it’s a viable option of making money and these tend to perform quite well. Now, here’s another thing to think about if you decide to go this route. Some people are farming for Leoric’s Signet. So why not pick up the rares along the way?

At any rate, I haven’t really tried farming using my Demon Hunter to see if I could make significant money using this method. One idea would be to set your Monster Power level to 10, try to grab 5 stacks of Nephlam Valor and use all Magic Find gear (except maybe a weapon) to see how much you can max out your Magic Find. Then go farm for Leoric’s Signet and grab rares, legendaries and set items along the way.

Overall, I think this might become a semi-viable method if one could do the time calculation. Certainly with a level 60 using pure Magic Find gear, set on Monster Power 10 and having Nephlam Valor can clear quite a bit of normal mode quickly. The question becomes how much gold can they make from doing these runs using the Auction House? And are all the drops of good quality in attempting to max out their Magic Find?

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