How You Can Contribute To Prevent SOPA

The big controversy in congress is about the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). The thing is that the primary supporters for this bill are Big Media. In my opinion, this is the last desperate attempt by Big Media in their fight against new media (i.e. the internet) by giving the government and themselves the ability to essentially shut down the internet. Without a doubt the ramifications for this act is huge, including unprecedented control without democratic input for a few select, the potential for the equivalent of the Great Firewall of China to be brought here to America (something Hillary Clinton and others had protested while on their foreign trips to China, etc.), the massive loss of jobs, economic downturn and essentially setting us back to the 80’s (or worse).

Obviously, this is NOT a good thing if we want to protect one of the greatest innovations in current times and one of the last bastions of freedom on earth.

If this passes, then there’s some ways to help prevent or fight the ramifications and here’s some suggestions:

  • Refuse to vote for any member of Congress/Senate that support this legislation and tell them straight out that you refuse to support someone who refuses democracy in favor of corporate lobbyists.
  • Demand the government to put stricter limits on corporate lobbyists.
  • Support internet companies fighting for the bill.
  • If you are an internet company, band together with other companies because THIS IS YOUR LIVELIHOOD.
  • If you are an internet company, refuse to support the companies who support this bill by pulling the plug on them, charging higher fees and doing everything in your power to make Big Media companies suffer.
  • Create a new internet that isn’t controlled by a single entity using a peer-to-peer wireless network that is completely open and secure such that it cannot be cracked nor sniffed by any technology
  • For everyone, stop buying products from Big Media. This includes movies, music, books, magazines and halting watching any form of television.
  • Support independents exclusively.
  • Make your friends, family and associates aware of what the Big Media is about.
  • Stop paying for cable TV, etc.

The thing about Big Media and these traditional companies is that their ways of doing things are archaic and dying because of the threat of New Media. However, these companies refuse to give up because they are addicted to power. These companies are horribly sick and corrupt though. Ever hear about how they treat everyone on the lower rungs? Unless you’re the crop on top, you’re basically a slave to these people. Or watch how these people force their workers into doing drugs and getting into illegal things to the point where their lives are all fucked up. Don’t believe me? Look at what happened to the singer from Alice in Chains. Or Motley Crue. Or the so-called artists in Japan who have to prostitute themselves just to make it. The list is endless.

Supporting this trade is supporting immorality. Just like the fast food industry, Big Media is completely unnecessary but people have become too dependent upon them because of how they’ve been brain washed. But you have an ultimate choice. The choice should be to kill this industry and let it start up with a clean slate.

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