My Requests If I Die

I do not like thinking this way, but I don’t have any official type of will. So I decided to post something here to make it official in case something ever happens to me. My main request is that if something were to happen to me that I would like to buried with my stuffed animals. They are the only true friends that I’ve ever had in this world and I want them to come with me no matter what. Please make sure that Giraffe, Duck1, Duck2, Duck3, Cat, Kitty, Hippo are next to each other. If I’m away from my home, they will be located on my bed, the little black shelf next to my bed and a few more will be in my dad’s room. Do not burn my body or I will haunt you and curse every living relation to you and continue for as long as eternity last.

My other requests is that if my mom is still around that she receives my money and car. That includes my savings account, checking account, retirement and the pennies left  in my Japanese account. Thank you.

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