World of Warcraft: I Learned Today….

I’m such a bonehead. I never knew this until today that you could create enchantments using scrolls. But I suspected that you could otherwise enchanters would be even more valuable as a sought after class on servers. For myself, this is great news because it provides a great deal of incentive for me to level up my shaman, who is my enchanter, fast. Already, he’s at level 60 with an enchanting skill of 350.

However, there are two major stumbling blocks: 6 more large prismatic shards and 1 primal might. The primal might will probably be the most difficult thing to obtain. I figured that the large prismatic shards can be created through disenchanting goods that my paladin blacksmith makes. But primal might won’t be so easy because it requires an alchemist to transmute various primals into the primal might. Ugh.

What that means for me is leveling up my warlock in the near future so he can handle the transmutes. But I kinda want to avoid that at the moment because I’m currently working on my druid.

Currently, I’ve managed to push my Death Knight’s Jewelrycrafting skill to 525 and am now just doing dailies to acquire the tokens. My goal is to obtain the other iLevel 346 recipes as my other toons level up towards 85. From there, as I had mentioned, I managed to forge my shaman to level 60. He’s done a few introductory quests to Outlands, but I’m placing him on hold temporarily while my druid starts her run to 85. Before going into my druid, I will briefly mention that my old hunter has joined the rest of the group so I’m slowly working him to 85. He’s already at 82 and close to finishing the entire Mount Hyjal quest chain. I’m working slowly on him as I’m having him quest with my friend’s Paladin.

So really the main story at the moment boils back to my druid. Now that she’s out of what I call the “hazing zone” (i.e. Hellfire Peninsula), I’m having her concentrate on hitting 68. Already, she’s obtained GM in both herbalism and Inscription. So I’m having her just grab as many herbs along the way as possible, making glyphs to level up her Inscription skill. She’s getting close to finishing Zangermarsh, which may put her slightly below level 67. But I’m certain that if she tackles Nagrand next, I won’t have to get her to quest anywhere else (if not, I’ll probably have her do Blade Edge Mountains). I’m mostly racing her to level 85 so she can max out her Inscription and start crafting ilevel 346 relics and the Darkmoon Cards as well as making her my primary herbalism farmer. My death knight will have to wait a little while even after obtaining the recipe for the tanking ring before he will be able to craft it, since volatile life is impossible to obtain without a high level herbalist.

Later on, when my warlock maxes out his alchemy skill, I think I might ditch his herbalism for tailoring. No point in having multiple gathering classes and waste profession slots.

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