World of Warcraft: Hitting A Wall of Professions

Once you have an 85 level toon, it’s very easy to have stuff trickle down to your other toons. In my case, I’ve been supporting my shaman’s tailoring and enchanting skills through my paladin. I managed to accumulate a great deal of frostweave cloth that was sitting and collecting dust in his bank account and I desperately needed to move it out. So after finally leveling  my death knight to 85, I am now able to concentrate on other toons, namely my shaman and druid.

I want to give my shaman priority at the moment because he’s got a very high level tailoring skill for his level. Already, he’s making frostweave bolts and helped clean up my bank account. However, he’s still level 56 thus preventing him from doing some of the cooler tailoring patterns like making frostweave bags. This is quite frustrating but simply tells me that I need to push my shaman hard for a while so I can get him to level 65 and above quickly.

At this stage, he’s in the final leg of pre-BC questing. I will be sending him to the Blasted Lands as soon as I can. Unfortunately, at level 56 he cannot make use of the portal. In turn, I’ll have to take some time to walk him through, which can be annoying (I did this with my druid previously and she got nailed a few times near an Alliance town in Duskwood). I’m hoping that the Blasted Lands will provide enough XP on top of the 5% guild bonus and his 20% BoA bonuses to allow him to hit 60.

Once I’m done there, I’ll send him to the wonderful Hellfire Peninsula. The great thing is that he already has two flying mounts, including one flying carpet. So it’s a matter of getting through the Peninsula.

Eventually, I’d like to work on my warlock and rogue again. My friends are leveling up their toons and soon will catch up. Afterwards, I’ll take these two out again. I’ll have to spend a day or two on my rogue’s gathering professions though since I’ve neglected them for a while. One of my long term goals is to make her a pure gathering class and freeing my hunter’s skinning for something more productive like engineering.

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