Prometheus 2: Conversation Between Keith and Vickers

Another scene I completed that I enjoyed which entails a conversation between Keith and Vickers in her private quarters.

As Keith goes to the mess hall (unescorted), he encounters Vickers.


Vickers: “Come with me to my section.” Keith consents but is stopped by two guards outside of her quarters. “Leave please.” Both guards obediently find a new area while she locks her door behind them.

Keith: “Just us?”

Vickers: “Yutani is watching a queued up basketball series in the entertainment lounge. What’s a girl going to do on a ship filled with robots?”

Keith: “There’s the guards.”

Vickers: “With robots.”

Keith: “Except the androids are politer.”

Vickers: “That’s true.” Retrieves a prepared casserole with a side of fresh spinach salad, balsamic dressing and baked bread. Places the meal on a small table intended for two. “Have a seat.”

Keith: Biting deeply into the bread. “Hard to get this these days. Nice to have home cooking for once.”

Vickers: “Private budget. Managed to hide the expenses and cargo despite all the various spot checks each ounce of food is forced to go through these days. It’s one of the few talents your cousin has to offer in these situations.”

Keith: “If he didn’t have that asshole gene, he might actually turn out to be a great person.”

Vickers: Sipping on red wine. “And if he paid attention to detail.”

Keith: “He lets me handle that.”

Vickers: “Which is why I wanted to see you. He talked with you earlier because you found something else. What was it?”

Keith: “The audio between David and Shaw. They’re alive. And they used one of the other ships that still are around to go find them.”

Vickers: “Damn it.”

Keith: Detecting some other intention behind her words. “Is this why you invited me here? Nice dinner, pretty smile, the usual lead poor Keith on deal?”

Vickers: “Stop it. Stop feeling so goddamn sorry for yourself all the time. I know I….I hurt you before and I’m regretful for it. We both have to move on.”

Keith: “Not so easy when you can’t even control your own destiny.”

Vickers: “I want to hear from you for once. What you really feel.”

Keith: “About what?”

Vickers: “Everything.”

Keith: “This is all wrong. We shouldn’t be here. Let’s just go back home and forget everything.”

Vickers: “You came all this way for a reason.”

Keith: “My cousin had a gun to my head.”

Vickers: “And you could’ve ran away at any time. Yet you stood with us and not so reluctantly. Maybe even enthusiastically at times. Do you know why my father came here originally?”

Keith: “To get answers.”

Vickers: “He wanted to live forever. He felt they could extend his life. If they could do that, they must be capable of much more. I don’t know if you want to extend your own life. By the looks of the way you’ve handled yourself, I’m certain that you really don’t care at this point. But I do think you’re here to find something else out for yourself.”

Keith: “And what of yourself? Why would the princess herself leave the kingdom to do some Star Trek voyage in the middle of nowhere?”

Vickers: “Everyone has their own questions they would like to ask their makers.” As Keith finishes up his meal to leave, Vickers prevents him. “One other thing. All the important people in the company know you were the one that created the algorithms for David. But because of litigation no one can say a word. You shouldn’t be bitter still.”

Keith: “Isn’t it sad that despite all our technology, we’re still animals that use little games to control each other?” Reflecting for a moment. “If we do encounter our makers, I really hope that they’ve managed to figure how to deal with that one.” Alert on his communication device. It’s one of the androids. Everything is textually conveyed. “Looks like they found the other ships. And they know where David and the doctor went.”



I’m in Love with Charlize Theron!!!!

Okay, so her as the so-called “evil” queen in Snow White gave me a massive hard on in terms of respect for her compared to her halitosis, pizza-mustard-hot dog breath infected inability to produce any emotions counterpart Kristen Stewart. If Charlize Theron were, as the queen Ravenna, to manifest on this planet and declare herself queen of the people on Earth, I would be the first in line to declare my utter obedience. No strings attached (except the hourly sex aspect). I mean, how can you NOT like a woman who is perpetually gorgeous with the ability to extend your life if you can do her will? And she dresses bad ass.

But let’s go on about our wonderful Charlize Theron. First, she is the perfect match for me as she is a Leo and born in the same year as me. That means, we’ll get along great! Leos are excellent matches for us Aquarius folk. And to have someone in the same year means we’ll get all the cultural jokes of our generation and snicker at the little snot nose brats who believe they’re starting to figure this world out.

Most importantly though, she shares a similar passion of mine: onara. I think Theron’s main issue all these years with failed relationships is that her true soul mate was well hidden away. We have been parted for too long but we need to increase our biological diversity in this world. Hence, the true perfection between our mating.

Here’s the thing Ms Theron. You can continue to date models, millionaires, famous actors, politicians and others. But just like that king in Snow White, they’ll mean nothing because they’ll view you just as another pretty face, a number that they can toss aside. But true fealty is something endearing.