Clan Games: Last Day For Me

Well, I hit and overshot my goals for Clan Games I am happy to report. Not only was I able to secure the Tier 4 rewards, but all 5 of my accounts managed to score 4k in challenge points, which means I will gain a bonus reward at the end of all this. Of course, the bigger thing for me is that I will be receiving the +200 Clan XP, which I highly value and am 100xp short of gaining a precious level 2 Clan so that I may eventually participate in Clan Capital Wars.

With this season of Clan Games wrapping up, I must say that I was very pleased that the challenges were all doable at all levels for my Clan. I wasn’t certain if I would see challenges where I could not use a certain troop due to my Barracks not being of sufficient level. Since there are no set challenges, that means that I would not be blocked and could just skip on for a measly penalty of 10 minutes, which is completely worth it if I’m also training new troops.

But what this tells me is that even with a lower level account in general, I should be able to handle Clan Games and potentially max out my points. In fact, it might even be an advantage to have a variety of accounts in terms of levels. For instance, my troop composition can have more flexibility. Also, for Versus Battles, having a lower level account is actually easier to score the percentage based challenges since there are less buildings you need to face.

With that in mind and what I see now, I’m pretty sure that I might end up creating three more accounts next month. I already had created three more email addresses and tested them in advance for this situation. But I’m targeting next month to start fresh. I think the main difference is that I might avoid paying for the 3rd and 5th builders and just grind through these accounts (unless my financial situation drastically changes). By the time these newer accounts reach TH6, accounts 3-5 will probably be at least in the TH9 range.

I think one of the benefits of having multiple accounts is just being able to look forward to something to upgrade. Both my TH13 and TH12 have gotten so slow in terms of upgrade options that I mostly just am accumulating loot at this point. I stopped doing Versus Battles except when I’m grinding challenges during a season or Clan Games. So during my off time, I don’t really have any desire to play them. Having these three newer accounts has freshened up the game quite a bit and it gives me something to look forward to. But even now, the game is starting to slow just because upgrades are becoming all day affairs.

But I do like having staggered accounts where one account is a day behind another in terms of creation time. That way, I’m not just doing the same thing on each account but giving myself time to breathe and having variations on progress. I think if I had created all 5 accounts at the same time, I’d be going crazy trying to manage the same flow. But having a month in between these accounts means I can start from scratch and have a fresh perspective.

Also, I really don’t want to do this ridiculous of a push next time. Tier 5 rewards would be nice but it’s not as drastic as this unique period was since I needed to experiment and see how things would fare. And I don’t know how I would be able to handle 13 accounts if the day were ever to come.

Either way, because there’s still a few days left for Clan Games, I’m just going to be focused on my three newer accounts so that they can get the final rewards of the current season and accumulate resources for more upgrades. I still haven’t determined when I want to level up to TH9 just yet. I think my 3rd account has quite a bit left to upgrade so I might not get to it until next month. Also, as tempting as it is to get the Season Pass for all the rewards I accumulated, I just feel that the monetary value just isn’t there for a TH8. The season bank for a normal account seems like enough of a reward to finish up things like Walls or any other major upgrades. But 25 million (if I could get that much) would be overkill right now.

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