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Path of Exile: Heist Flashback Day I Forget

Haven’t done a recent blog for Flashback and decided to write a small one just to put more thoughts down. Main thing is that I’ve been leveling a witch/Necromancer using SRS but I’m starting to feel less enthusiastic. Although the experience has been fine, my desire to play her slowly has been diminishing. In turn, my eye is aimed at another build: Champion Ground Slam.

So before all this began, I got to the point where my Guardian’s progress started to slow down. Actually, what that means is that I died to a stupid Heist where I got one shot and it pretty much killed a good part of my desire to push any further. More than that, I just wasn’t able to procure the other necessary parts of the gear to make the build worth it. The main item I was aiming for, a Scourge, just ended up being too expensive as was the other two rings and an elder helmet which I wanted for the +level/minion damage for my Herald of Purity.

Part of the issue I determined was that Dominating Blow just has too small of a range to be practical. Also, all the minions on the screen make chaotic fights impossible to discern. In addition, I just had too many close calls at low levels with bosses who should have been reasonably easy to make me feel motivated in pushing maps.

In turn, I ended up deleting my old witch from Heist and re-starting her in Flashback just for the leveling experience. Safe to say, I much prefer her here just because I had enough leveling gear to make the situation far more pleasant than when I originally conceived of her.

However, the same problem has crept up where one of the key pieces of gear (a convoking wand with trigger socketed spell) is exorbitantly costly. Also, I haven’t been able to farm up the craft which makes this build pretty painful. More than likely, I’ll end up just taking her to maps and then use normal Heist to purchase any remaining gear.

With that said, my attention is turning to an older project: Champion Ground Slam. I managed to get the main jewel to make this build work. The only thing missing is the other Steel Jewel which would make Shattering Steel a great ability to use in conjunction with the impale support gem.

But the reason why I am looking towards this direction is that I had another character in standard that wasn’t too far in that I’m thinking about deleting and re-creating in Flashback. The great thing about Ground Slam is that besides the jewels, there aren’t any true mandatory items to make this build work. I was really impressed at the single target capability of this build once you align your war cries so this pretty much has the potential to be a good build to continue.

I figure with Flashback coming to an end within a week, I might as well use it for its best purpose: leveling new characters. I can’t really fathom doing much else in Flashback since the economy is pretty small and there isn’t much time left. It’s sad because the extra three mods per zone is bonkers.

However, I do feel burnt out every time I start seeing metamorphs or delirium mirrors pop up. It can feel overwhelming as you move forward. By the end of the acts, you just want to arrive at maps and get it all over with.

Besides, these characters, I haven’t really thought about what to do next. The only thing I had in mind potentially was a Toxic Rain Pathfinder just because I found a Replica Conqueror’s Efficiency and a Replica Lioneye’s Paws, which might be fun for early leveling. I might be more motivated to do this build if I had an Asenath’s Chant, some -9 mana cost rings, a Replica Quill Rain and a Malony’s to spare. Otherwise, it might just be better to wait until everyone is moved to standard.

At any rate, I’m really hoping that the announcement of the next league unfucks the whole Conqueror mapping experience. I hate everything about it. I’ve heard people say it’s better than before but I disagree. I feel less and less motivated to play because I’m forced into this stupid routine of monotony as opposed to just running maps, logically progressing to the next harder section and feeling like I can scratch something off a list.




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