WWE Becky Lynch’s Rise

I haven’t written about pro-wrestling in a long time. That’s because I just haven’t felt the desire. Pretty much my interest in it has been super low or casual at best. The last time something caught my attention it was the entrance of Asuka and Kairi Sane. But as a fan of joshi puroresu, I felt it would be hard to get completely invested into them due to how the WWE would historically treat women like that. However, there is one female that has caught my attention as well as the attention of the world: Becky Lynch.

Now, I’ve somewhat followed Becky Lynch via Instagram for a few years now. I think she’s pretty to say the least and her connection to the 4 Horsewomen automatically makes her someone you at least have to notice. But character-wise, she’s been in the background, laying low or just not getting the attention she deserves.

A few months ago, I recall reading how she made a major turn that effectively was the equivalent of CM Punk’s infamous start of the pipe bomb speeches. Unlike CM Punk though, whom I feel was more about pure shock value, Becky Lynch’s speech was more about her journey, which was heartfelt and real, something that has been resonating with the WWE universe and more.

Despite her speech, I didn’t really listen to it until after I saw the recent TLC match between her, Asuka and Charlotte. All I can say is wow. I was happy to see Asuka come out on top, but if you ask me all three are champions. But just seeing Becky Lynch made me desire more viewings. Thus, I caught up on her recent year (for the most part) with all her interviews, key matches, etc.

People compare Becky Lynch to Stone Cold Steve Austin. But I disagree. Becky Lynch has her own story. She’s not someone who guzzles down beers, curses, gives the middle finger to everyone and is a redneck. She has her own voice a very unique one and a magnetic persona. Perhaps, she’s more akin to CM Punk but the main difference is that I think Becky is a legitimate good person outside the ring from interviews she’s done. She seems very classy and isn’t self-absorbed the way CM Punk seems to portray himself.

If anything Becky Lynch is really her own person and has managed to find her voice. The WWE is allowing her to pump up that volume whenever she speaks because the audience is listening. But I think her presentation isn’t boring but very relatable. There’s something earthly about her, especially in the words she chooses.

For me what makes her relatable is her talk on opportunities. There was one speech where she talks about how Charlotte and Ronda had opportunities handed to them due to whom they are. With Becky, she wasn’t as known in previous organizations, although she seemed to have a cult following once she arrived in NXT. But the real story was just how she is a self-made person. That’s the admirable part where people can look up to that and desire something similar.

The opportunities part I felt a keen sense of kinship because as someone struggling to make a name for himself in his own industry, I have struggled against the cronyism and corporate nepotism at all levels. So I can relate to Becky’s own frustrations in seeing people like Charlotte or Ronda sweep away her own chances.

Another interesting thing is how she talks about her own self-doubt. Although she’s managed to elevate her own confidence level when speaking, at a  personal level in smaller interviews, you can hear her own sense of being grounded. It’s refreshing because you want to hear the stories of people struggling to make it. It gives you inspiration to push yourself as well.

Overall, I really enjoy Becky Lynch. I think her in ring ability is amazing coupled with her personality and style of interviews. She’s beautiful but carries herself well and is someone you can’t get enough of. It’s funny how the women in the WWE have excelled to the point where they’re stealing the show. But Becky Lynch to me is the show.

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