Game of Thrones: Was Stannis Baratheon A True King?

While re-watching Season 5 again, a question hit me in how Shireen Baratheon’s sacrifice seems to have been made in vain. Some people charge that Melisandre’s visions of the fire are false or that she’s incapable of reading the prophecies. Yet with regards to the use of leeches and the supposed success that they had in cursing Robb Stark, Joffrey Baratheon and Balon Greyjoy (at least in the book), one must question if Stannis himself had king’s blood since Shireen’s death did not generate the effect they desired.

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Why Your Ad Systems Suck Ass

I’ve been reading more articles on why advertisers want to start changing the rules on their systems as a result of the rise of ad blockers. While most people get the idea from a high level, the real issue is that the advertisements themselves suck, the way they display suck and most are fucking irrelevant. I’m going to hit up each point in this post and hopefully people will start thinking about how the end users feel rather than trying to shovel shit down our throats.

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Diablo 3: To Buff or Not to Buff Items

There’s an ongoing thread regarding some of the upcoming patch 2.4.1 changes that can be seen on diablofans. One of the comments someone on the d3 forums mentioned was the observation that mostly this patch will just buff items and some skills, leading to more power creep. While I don’t know if this particular patch will be in line for the next season, one thing that has been a common philosophy for the Diablo 3 development team is that pretty much each season we’ll be seeing more progress somehow in terms of the Greater Rift scaling. Now, with various items getting buffed, I’m certain the rationale here is to make the sets more in line with each other. But a different thought came to mind: should the developers simply buff the items?

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Diablo 3: Innes Build with Tasker and Theo Gloves

Right now, the Innes Monk is possibly my favorite build next to the Marauder Demon Hunter build. I’ve seen a few variants of the build, including one that uses Exploding Palm and the hardcore one that Quin69 uses that goes for more defensive stats. But oddly enough, I haven’t really seen anyone use Tasker and Theo gloves and wanted to talk a little about this alternative build.

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