The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Hiring

Recruiters are aidzcancer. They are nothing more than 2nd hand leechers profiting off of companies’ inability or unwillingness to properly screen and locate candidates. Instead, what happens is that you get a bunch of people that companies still have to screen that are marketed to the company for an unreasonable fee. Essentially, they’re legalized pimps. I don’t know about the good people out there, but this method of hiring fucking stinks and I’m going to propose something a little different here.

Typical hiring process goes something like this. You put your resume on a recruitment site and perhaps even apply to an anonymous job that sounds like a great fit. Instead, you get bombarded by a bunch of recruiters both locally and from other parts of the country who paid money to detect on that site that you even made any effort of looking for a new job. Usually, the latter folk will send you anything hoping that you’ll respond. Most times it’s some guy whom you can barely understand trying to get you to say yes for a job that has nothing to do with any skills you did recently because the keyword search found something in your resume.

For the local recruiters, the job you applied to was a fake set up by them so that they can talk to you, get your number and (most importantly) get a copy of your resume that they’re ready to whore you out on the click of a button the second you agree so that the recruiter gets their fee. It doesn’t matter what you really want in a job or if the location is truly beneficial. After all, this is all a fucking business, right? (What a fucking stupid catch phrase).

This scenario is no different than going to an imekura in Shibuya and finding out it’s run by the Chinese mafia rather than the Yakuza then getting a folder containing a list of women whose names are all Japanese but turn out to be people from mainland.  Then when you actually get the girl, she turns out to be nothing like the girl in the picture. Worse yet the sexual experience you thought you were going to get, ends up being just a lame hand job where you get overcharged. Sounds familiar for most businesses?

If the current recruiting system is nothing more than another version of the internet dating site and that most dating sites sucks, doesn’t that mean that there’s a larger issue which is fucked up as in the matching methods?

Going back to the situation of getting a prostitute, the core problem is that the person getting the prostitute 1) wants sex; 2) has a bad relationship with his significant other; and/or 3) is looking for that ideal match in a part of his (or her) soul that needs to be filled. Just having sex won’t solve the long term problem that the person simply wants someone around to fulfill a void in their life. Companies and employees want the same rather than a lame match game where middlemen fuckers are the only clear winners.

Part of the problem is that companies want things immediately and don’t try to invest in their employees. I’m not saying all companies are like this but most are. The net result is that they just look for short term fixes that include attempting to “best fit” whatever they can get to resolve their personnel problems. In turn, this method of hiring creates a longer term issue of mistrust where employees and employers cannot trust either other, which instills an environment of paranoia and fear.

Instead, the real answer both parties need and want is the desire for each other. They need to be able to fulfill that void in their soul by finding that long lost soul mate. You see, it’s not really about the raw skills that should matter because those can be refined. Instead, it matters whether people want to be at that spot more than anything. The person who wants to do that particular job no longer believes it’s a job and treats it as their life. This is well known and has been argued countless of times.

Yet what really is being done about this?

Shouldn’t an application really be more about what a person wants to do to help improve things at a spot along with why they want to be at that place? I’m not talking about bullshit sweet talking just to get money or coddle up to the head like some start struck sycophant. I’m talking being a partner.

I see work as more of a mutual partnership between parties. You have something that I want and I have something you want. We should exchange because we have this healthy symbiotic relationship. If there’s something mutually beneficial, we wouldn’t have to worry all the time about trust because we’re constantly attempting to meet each others’ goals.

At any rate, I suppose my biggest beef is just feeling like a whore where I’m being pimped out against my will to a degree or worse yet my knowledge and the net result being less satisfactory for everyone. I gave up on online dating because most sites are terrible. I want something simpler. I remember in one of the Spiderman movies the apartment owner for Peter Parker telling him, “Why don’t you tell her, ‘I am good man. You are good girl. Hey!'” Finding a job should be simple like that same as dating and meeting a match. Instead, it’s far more complicated and never a pleasant experience.

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