Bard’s Tale 3: Quick Tips

Once in a while I get this super urge to go all out nostalgic on the weekends out of sheer boredom. Right now, Diablo 3 really is a bore for me, not going to lie, mostly because of the lack of content and people to play with. So instead, I turned my eye to other games. One of my all time favorites is Bard’s Tale 3. Although 2 probably is the best of the series in terms of its peak, 3 just has a little more going for it in terms of overall polish and the type of grind that I enjoy, which is why I decided to pick it up again, even going as far as using the Apple 2 version.

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Game of Thrones: MIA Characters We May See in Season 6

There’s a lot of jokes about Gendry still rowing on a boat, bearing the missing Rickon, Osha, Men without Banners, etc. But in all seriousness, there are a lot of critical characters whom we have not heard from in a while that hopefully will be returning for season 6. This blog post speculates on those characters that have survived up until this point but are part of the main storylines.

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Game of Thrones: Stannis’ Fate

One major potential shocker and something I did not expect to happen this season was the encounter between the Boltons and Stannis’ army. Perhaps, part of my shock was relying on the fact that the books have yet to deal with this encounter and book readers are currently awaiting the outcome. Obviously, the TV series has spoiled the results for book readers, but in truth there’s no practical way one could not infiltrate the other when it comes to ruining some level of the experience. Given that situation, I want to talk about the results of tonight’s encounter with Stannis and the Boltons.

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Game of Thrones: Speculations on Jon Snow’s Fate

For book readers, most people are probably not surprised by Jon Snow’s apparent demise at the hands of the his sworn Night’s Watch brothers. If anything the only surprise was how he was conned into believing that his uncle Benjen Stark was still alive, leading him into being trapped. I did a small amount of speculation on his situation in my previous blog post reviewing episode 10 of season 5. However, what are the overall implications moving forward as a result?

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Game of Thrones: My Predictions on the End of Season 5

Based on what we’ve seen thus far and the way this season mostly has been about A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons, I want to venture some guesses on what the end of this season might entail. Part of my speculations are also based upon the brief description from imdb and the people credited over at imdb. In short, there will be potential spoilers.

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