The Lego Movie: Review

People who have known me understand that I have been a Lego fan my entire life. I’ve collected Lego since the age of 2 and would not be the same person without them. They have caused me grief (both in stepping on them and dealing with the cost/burden of having so much) but they consistently have inspired creativity and a love for building things that have led to my career as a developer. When The Lego Movie came out, I felt skeptical mostly because these types of movies generally are aimed at children with children themes and very lowbrow humor. And I regret not having seen this movie earlier.

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Review

Being a completionist (and a masochist simultaneously), I decided to finish up Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit series with the final film as it came out on iTunes today. I wrote a pretty scathing review for the first one and didn’t bother writing up a review for the second one, despite having seen it. So how does the third movie in the series hold up?

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