Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Redesigning the Hellfire Ring and Amulet

I touched briefly in my previous article on my dissatisfaction with both the Hellfire Ring and Amulet and added a few simple ideas to enhance these items. For this article, I want to delve a little deeper into a few ideas I’ve been tossing around my head in improving these two items and changing their status from gratuitous achievements to must-have end game items.

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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Build and Gear Discussion

Obviously, Diablo 3 has come a very long way since the vanilla days where you practically had only 1-2 viable class options and limited useful items in terms of builds and gear. The game has been moving towards a far more flexible game play where gear options are a lot more interesting with legendaries having special abilities that syngerize well with certain abilities and other gear pieces. That said, this post will talk a bit about my own experiences with the various classes and gear combinations based on the 6 (7) 70s I have.

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Facebook’s Long Term Fate

When Facebook started making the rounds and opened themselves up to the public, I was unable to jump on the boat due to some technical issues with cookies. At the time, I was researching all the main social networks in attempting to build my own. With the failure, I pretty much ignored Facebook for a while until a friend of mine mentioned how good it was. That was then and the current product has come a long way…in the wrong direction.

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Tips on Developing A Successful Software Product

While having tea with a friend yesterday, we ended up discussing a mobile application project that he’s been working on. He had been on the project for over a year and in inquiring about the readiness of it, I learned that he needed to do quite a bit more. Part of the issue was that the angel investor he’s partnering with has this desire to continue adding features, many which doesn’t seem necessary for a near term release. As we continued talking about the features and as he demonstrated what his application was capable of, I realized that I saw a pattern in how many non-developers end up treating software products and wanted to create a post to hopefully help non-tech people who want to develop a successful product based on my own experiences of failed and successful launches.

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Signs of When You Should Quit Your Job

As someone who has worked in the technology industry for 15+ years, I’ve become somewhat of an expert on corporate politics. I’ve had numerous jobs in the states and abroad, learning over time various signs of toxic environments that have made me jump from spot-to-spot. My post here will hopefully help others in making a decision when too much is just too much and to start looking before they get the Note themselves.

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Diablo 3: Improving Upon Loot 2.0

“RNG is RNG” is the typical braindead defense that people use to describe bad luck in Diablo 3. The truth is that RNG is not exactly RNG and that there is a rule system behind loot, which was partly described in numerous panels that the developers had given us. The roll system used to determine whether a person gets a legendary is fairly well documented. Most people describe the part after determining whether a legendary is useful or not as the “RNG is RNG” part, but again there is a fairly sophisticated mechanism in place to prevent outright nonsensical outcomes in what is known as Loot 2.0. That all said, the mechanism still is frustrating and needs further examination to improve upon how it works.

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How Twitch TV is (Also) Hurting Gaming

I put the word “Also” in a parenthetical note to imply that Twitch has done a lot for the gaming community. There’s no doubt of all the positive ramifications of turning the online world on its heads by making gamers into mini celebrities and providing some with a nice career. However, the implied “Also” here means for me the dark side of Twitch (and YouTube to a slightly lesser degree).

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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: Controlled Progression vs Random Progression

Currently, Diablo 3 follows a model of progression of what I call Random Progression. What this means is that a lot of the high end game play depends on RNG factors. Although a player’s time is included within the formula, the RNG aspect tied to items is in turn used to determine for the most part a person’s performance at the end of the game. I feel as though this model needs to be revamped for a major Loot 3.0 type of patch.

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