Baldur’s Gate 2: Another Mistake and More Party Ponderings

When I concocted my latest idea of a party in including Keldorn, my assumption was that he could use the Amulet of Power, thus making him immune to level drain. It seems that my version of the game might not have the correct patch, despite picking it up from (which I heard had a patched version of the game). Unfortunately, it appears that the Inquisitor, with my version of the game, still cannot employ the Amulet of Power. That made me reconsider quite a bit of things in terms of party combinations.

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Baldur’s Gate 2: Single Player or Multi-Player?

One of the biggest questions a starting player might ask is whether to go single or multi-player.  What does both mean in terms of game play? Multi-player does not necessarily mean playing with other friends but just having the option to have more than one custom character in your party. The best option is to always go multi-player as you have this flexibility of having more than one custom characters in your party; however, there are a few cheese tactics you can employ that give you an advantage in multi-player.

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