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The Future of Society in Terms of Earning Money

One major problem in first world countries is how unstable numerous economies are. I believe that the post dot com collapse created huge ramifications in destabilizing the job market for better and worse. Gone are the days of pension plans, life time employment/job security and the ability to plan long term. Instead, the market has become extremely demand based and laws do not adequately protect individuals. Of course, it has empowered certain types of people with skill sets such as people in technology, but that aspect has been flimsy still. That said, new models of earning money are evolving and I want to delve into this aspect.


The Reason Why America is Screwed Long Term

While Democrats celebrate their victory for avoiding the government shutdown, what was highlighted in all of this turmoil was the weakness in the way the government is run at the moment. Politics, like many aspects growing in Americans’ lives, are nothing more than a large spectator sport at this point, where nothing truly beneficial is being done directly for people, but only for the people in charge running the show. And those people running the show are the lawmakers/lawyers primarily.

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World of Warcraft: LFR Merits and Issues

There are a good number of people who hate LFR. Many wish it never came into existence in the World of Warcraft. Some people also claimed that LFG destroyed server communities. However, I think many of the issues with LFR, and before that LFG, were the result of poor experiences in LFR and to a degree LFG, not the actual content presented in either systems. My blog post will discuss LFR, it’s merits, the current problems and possibly examine ways of handling some of the critical issues.