World of Warcraft: Flex vs LFR

My friend’s guild has invited me to several Flex raids in the Siege of Orgrimmar. So far, we managed to get down 7/8 and will be doing Nazgrim next Monday. I’m pretty excited. The guys have been a lot of fun and it’s been a great learning experience. I only tried the first part of LFR and decided to keep my neck out until the bug with Narushen was fixed. In doing both, I decided to write my thoughts out on the current situation.

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World of Warcraft: Scumbagging the Timeless Isle for Profit

I touched briefly on the Timeless Isle in a previous post. But I think I have enough of an idea of how to make the Timeless Isle work for the casual player, who is looking to solo the place and is on their own time schedule. In short, you really don’t feel like grouping up except for things such as the Celestial World Bosses (which you really don’t have to). This guide really is for the person who feels left out after Blizzard decided to cater to the 1% again and want a modicum of casual revenge by demonstrating that we can outsmart all these people.

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Symfony 2: Working with the Security Layer and Database Backends

The examples over on the Symfony 2 site regarding building a security system, while decent, are somewhat incomplete and a little confusing, especially in putting all the details together for a database backed login system. While most of the code present on the two articles work for the most part, I wanted to add a few completed bits from my own system that I’m building to help out other people who might miss a few critical clues.

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Combining Livestreaming/Twitch and Social Media

I’ve written several articles on the high level ideas of becoming a Twitch broadcaster and getting into the world of livestreaming for gaming. One thing that I’ve noticed though is that there’s quite a few people who livestream but don’t really understand many of the social media tools out there. They might use systems like Twitter or have Facebook pages, but those exist as barebones links that they add to their profile/channel. Yet they might wonder why exactly aren’t they seeing an explosion of new followers and/or viewers to their channel. What this post will attempt to do is bridge the ideas between social media and using it to grow your channels.

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Symfony 2: Form Data Submit and Models with Validation Unit Testing Issue

While creating a phpunit test against a form for Symfony 2, I encountered an interesting problem that made little sense to me at first (for reference, I was following an example for unit testing form types from the Symfony 2 website). The problem was that the data being submitted appeared to not be mapped correctly, which caused the unit test to fail unexpectedly. Why is that?

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Symfony 2: Unit Testing Many-to-One Validations on Entities

From what I can tell, the Symfony 2 cookbook does not have a decent example for handling entity validations and unit testing. I looked around a bit for a good sample and found a decent answer over on Stackoverflow. But outside of setting up a base class for handling future validation test classes, the sample was a little on the shallow side. This post will try to add a little more depth to that article as well as show an interesting way to ensure that you’re checking your Many-to-One relationships as well.

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