World of Warcraft: Where Blizzard Gets it Right

I’ve been hearing about the restrictions surrounding Final Fantasy 14 and someone I learned how someone I’ve occasionally played World of Warcraft with ended up getting banned for streaming the game to a private set of users. Apparently, even a private stream broke the NDA. But today I heard that the game has further streaming restrictions when it comes to the sound and music. What’s the point?

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Game Design: More MMORPG Ideas

Yesterday, the NDA for Final Fantasy 14 was lifted and I was able to check out Yoni’s stream where she showed how the game operates. Although PVP and end game content are unknowns at this point, the basics of an MMORPG exist where the differences outside of the lore/world are in multi-classing. However, we discussed a bit about how the kill/collect/FedEx guy type of questing hasn’t really changed much and is pretty much a standard in these games. That led me to think about more revolutionary ideas to improve the basics of the MMORPG genre.

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