Website Review: Eat 24 Hour

A while back I caught a video by Jenna Marbles where she talked about some of the sins she committed during her Christmas break. One of the poor decisions she admitted to was order Chinese delivery to her home at odd hours of the day. Although what she did to herself probably wasn’t a great idea, Jenna Marbles did inspire me to see if there was something similar in my room (or rather online for my area).


Movie Review: The Social Network

Although The Social Network has been out for a few years now, I decided to write a review (or perhaps my interpretation) of the movie. I had been meaning to write a piece on The Social Network for sometime now, but either was hampered by time, lack of inspiration or just plain forgot. Also, the fact that the movie has been out for quite a while made me feel that writing a review years after would be somewhat irrelevant. Certainly, there are numbers of movie reviews on this subject, but I wanted to offer my own interpretation of the movie, especially in light of the little post I wrote about Facebook the other day.