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World of Warcraft: New Farm Experiment with Enchanting Materials and Making Gold from It

I managed to finally raise 10 farms with maxed out plots. As a result, I decided to start a new experiment where I will be planting certain materials for a whole week, then calculating on a daily and weekly basis what the average yield is for that material. I’m certain there are other people who probably have done this, but I think having 10 maxed out farms done over a week period will provide a nice sample data size.

For this week, I will plant all enchanting materials. I already started from last night and did my first calculation for today. My numbers are going to be slightly skewed because I unfortunately had excess materials on one toon. So the overall numbers will be a little off for Spirit Dust. That said, my current tallies for dust and essence are 38.2 and 5.6 respectively.

Along with that I have decided to additionally convert all the materials into Ethereal Shards as these tend to be hard to come by and slowly convert all of this into Sha Crystals. Currently, from today’s yield, I managed to create 26 Ethereal Shards from all the materials. Considering that it takes 5 Ethereal Shards for a single Sha Crystal, that means that you probably can have 5 days worth of Sha Crystals. This number might turn out smaller in the long run because of the problem I explained earlier. In my case, I have two enchanters, who are maxed out, thus allowing me to produce 2 Sha Crystals every day. Either way, it might be that you just need to use 2 full days dedicated to enchanting materials for a single enchanter to have enough materials for your Sha Crystals every week. In my case, it looks as though I might need 4 full days to receive enough Sha Crystals, all based on pure farming.

Where is this leading? There are two elements that are very important to me in all of this. First, because of the rarity of Sha Crystals as well as top bracer and weapon enchants, I want to determine the level of effort to produce either of these. I believe that weapon enchants on my auction house go for roughly 4k gold and are pretty hard to come by. If that’s the case, then you can estimate on making 4k gold/week (given two enchanters) or 4k gold/10 days. I believe this entire process for getting all my farms prepared took about an hour. So in my case with 4 hours of dedicated farming time, I can ultimately produce 4k worth of gold just with enchanting.

Of course, that’s not the only aspect to making gold. But I want to focus on the numbers here to empirically determine how much gold you can make through enchanting in a near sure-fire manner using just your farm and possibly 10 maxed out farms with two enchanters.